Monthly online meetup proposal!

I wonder if others think it is worthwhile having a monthly online voice and screenshare meetup? Just for an hour. I'm thinking two talks, each 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions.

Proposed agenda for the first:

  • Say hello
  • Talk 1 by @Moult - Introduction to the BlenderBIM Add-on and how IFC works
  • Talk 2 by.... you?

If there is interest, let me know if you'd like to give a short 20 minute super informal talk, and we can vote on a date and time that works best for everyone.



  • Great idea, I'm in

  • I will looking for this. But what platform of communication will you be using?

  • I'm thinking about using Jitsi meet - I've used it many times in the past, it's open source, fully encrypted, browser based, allows group calls with screen sharing capabilities.

  • Great proposal, I'm down.

    I can present a summary of the ifc to code_aster implementation but probably in a couple of months or so, depending on the progress.

  • i could be a gawker.

  • So cool!I am looking for this. Maybe you could use YouTube or Zoom

  • Can I propose two options:

    • First Saturday of every month, 10am UTC
    • First Saturday of every month, 8pm UTC

    Meeting to be held on:

    Please comment with what time works for you, and we'll try and do something in April :)

  • 8pm UTC works for me.

  • Dion suggests a guide to using the IFC documentation.

    I would also be interested in some very basic stuff, like, what is bimtester for? I suspect there are some basic BIM/IFC concepts where my understanding is completely back-to-front.

  • Saturday 8pm UTC for me is fine, too.

  • Is this a presentation for developers or for general public?

  • Saturday 8pm UTC works also for me.

  • edited March 4

    For the first one, I'll try and speak non-technical. I think an introduction to the IFC documentation is a good idea for a second topic, and it is actually not that hard and I have previously explained it to non-developers.

    So revised events for Saturday 8pm UTC in April 4th 2020 are:

    • Say hello
    • Introduce the BlenderBIM Add-on (30min)
    • Introduce IFC and the IFC documentation (30min)
  • Will these be recorded? I'm out on Saturday night

  • Great idea! I'd be in to showcase FreeCAD too. Both times are good to me too

  • @yorik would you like to do a 30 min session for the first meetup, so that I'm not talking for the entire hour, and then I can delay one of my talks (perhaps I can delay talking about BlenderBIM until the next month)?

  • I would find it better that you do the first session, then I'd do the next one, you're the one to do the opening! Honestly I believe you'll talk 20 minutes and we'll bomb you with questions for the rest of the hour ;)

  • One hour is too much. You should keep your presentation for around 30 min and the rest of the time is questions and interaction.

  • edited March 5

    @bitacovir - noted, I will keep it limited to 30 minutes.

    So revised events for Saturday 8pm UTC in April 4th 2020 are:

    • Say hello
    • Introduce the BlenderBIM Add-on (30min)
    • Questions (30min)

    @brunopostle - the session will be recorded. Are you sure you can't make the 4th of April? It's not this coming Saturday.

    @yorik - sounds good :) Will book you in for May 2nd 2020!

  • Oops wasn't paying attention, next month sounds good

  • Ok, saving the date!

  • OK. I've saved the date too.

  • cool... I will try to be on time

  • Time is OK. I hope you can post a online sheet (like google cloud document) to regist who will attend, and send an email to you before some days. If I dont reopen this one, I will forget the online meeting lol .

  • Time suits. I will try my Best to make it.

  • @shanmama - that's a good idea, I've created a new Google spreadsheet here. For those who want, add your email to the list as a comment (and I will add to to the spreadsheet) and I'll send out an email notification prior.

  • I'm in. Thanks for including me Dion. See you April 4th.

  • Just a reminder that we're still on for the Saturday 8pm UTC in April 4th 2020! If you'd like an email notification, add yourself to the Google spreadsheet :)

  • Awesome mate, my two business partners here in Florence will also probably attend. I will forward to them your email notification once received.

  • Thunderbird says me that we are on Saturday 8pm UTC in April 4th 2020 but we are only 2 on I missed something ?

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