GSOC'24 - Issue #85 - Scripts to generate light simulation input files from 3D models

Hey everyone in the community! 🙋‍♂️

I'm Chirag Singh, a Computer Science student from Vellore Institute of Technology, India. My expertise lies in applying 3D modeling and animation skills to the realms of Web, AR, and VR development. As a WebGL Developer with proficiency in Blender and Unity, I craft engaging and interactive ThreeJS web applications as well as automate Blender through Python scripting skills.
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This is my first time posting here, and I come bearing good news! I've been selected for GSOC'24 to contribute to Issue #85 - Scripts to generate light simulation input files from 3D models 🥳🥳

The project involves integrating the Blender BIM Add-On with Radiance, a tool utilized for scientifically accurate light simulations to generate 3D renders. Radiance necessitates 3D models in OBJ format and a set of input text files describing materials and scenes. Integration options also encompass filtering objects for conversion, developing a GUI in Blender, object proxying, and material swapping/mapping.

Hence, my tasks will include:

  • Developing Python scripts to convert an input 3D IFC model (the building model) into OBJ files and text files readable by Radiance (light simulation software).
  • Designing a graphical interface in Blender to facilitate this conversion and offer customizable settings.
  • Implementing settings to manage object filtering, object count limits, object geometry substitution, and material mapping/substitution.
  • Enabling single-plane substitution for glazing (often modeled as cuboids but required as flat planes for light simulation).
  • Providing options to choose from preset sky settings and automatic materials.

Here's my proposal for the project.

Looking forward to diving into this exciting project and contributing to its success!

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