Sverchok experiments

I wish to start thread with little examples of parametric stuff.

But i cannot upload blend file and 7z file appears fail with status code 413



  • And i cannot edit thread. And remove posts.

  • Hi Nikita, cool stuff,

    @Moult believes open source community should don't edit or delete posts, it helps transparency.

    However, many of us are used to edit things most of the times.

  • edited February 21

    Very cool! I've updated the server to allow uploads. Max file size is 80MB. I'd love to see the Blend files behind this!

    I've also enabled editing of posts for up to 1 hour after the post is created. Deletion is still disabled.

  • It would be good to allow quotation of selection sentences rather than the whole post.

  • i mean, this title post can be extended or butified.

  • Unic natural phenomenon.

    Crickets equidistanced from collective center are generating scalar fields.

    Such effect is reachable from sverchok extra nodes, that demand on some python libs, easily installed with sverchok extra extension from Illya Portnov:

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