BlenderBIM Add-on + IfcOpenShell Toolkit is a BuildingSMART Awards 2020 Finalist!

A week ago (sorry, been busy!) buildingSMART announced the buildingSMART International Awards Program 2020 Finalists. In the Technology category, I had submitted the entry "Lendlease – “A modular toolkit for developing openBIM data pipelines” – AUSTRALIA.".

The awards submission revolved around how the BlenderBIM Add-on, and its accompanying suite of Unix-philosophy tools helped create a toolkit where a large AEC firm could create their own OpenBIM data pipeline. The summary paragraph is included verbatim:

A suite of Unix-influenced modular, decoupled, and cross-platform OpenBIM tools were developed under free and open source software licenses. Functionality provided includes native IFC authoring, BCF management, IFC collision detection, 2D IFC construction drawings, IFC data validation for exchange requirements, COBie analysis, IFC comparison, and IFC building physics simulation. This suite can be combined to form a custom pipeline to process OpenBIM data, supported by a community of AEC professionals working with OpenBIM standards. The suite has been applied in a variety of commercial projects, from small construction prototypes to major commercial / infrastructure projects in delivery.

The tools demonstrated were IFCDiff, IFCCOBie, IFCClash, IFCCSV, IFCPatch, BIMTester, and of course, the BlenderBIM Add-on.

Here's an accompanying process diagram showing the particular pipeline that was used:

The homepage has been updated with a logo of the award.

I now have until the 14th of October to prepare another pack of material to be presented to the finals, which will then determine whether or not the submission will be presented with the final award - there are quite a few other submissions too, as you can see from the announcement, so we'll see what happens!

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