Creating and Assigning Tags

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@Moult Dion is it possible to create new tags for the threads? For example a Structural Analysis would be needed. It seems I can only use the existing ones, which should be the most popular. When writing a new tag in the dedicated place, it enters into search mode only, so no way to create a new one, unless I am missing something.


  • Type the tag you'd like, then press enter? That works for me.

  • Yes I ve been doing this but does not work, tried from desktop and my cell phone as well. It seems like I am in search mode between the tags available and it does not accept new tags.

  • Hmm, you're an admin so you should have all the same rights that I do. Feel free to ping me on IRC and screenshare. At the very least you can add a tag via the admin dashboard.

  • Ok I will write in IRC

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