BlenderBIM Add-on new release!

A new version of the BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200228 was released today! It's been a month since the last release, but there are lots of new features!

  • 12D files, which usually have absolute coordinates, are now imported into Blender with an offset to allow you to work in local coordinates for vertical BIM
  • The BIM audit panel now allows you to select a particular BIMTester feature, and write tests directly from the UI instead of needing a text editor
  • Your spatial tree can now have geometric representations (most importantly, this allows you to export an IfcSite terrain)
  • Quick project setup button now sets up spatial objects too
  • Sites can now export a reference long/lat attribute
  • When importing, it now remembers what IFC file the data came from (in preparation for partial writes)
  • Minor bugfixes related to missing items in dropdown menus, curve orientations upon export
  • Import now associates type products
  • Bugfix allowing you to import multiple spatial structure elements with identical names
  • New option to toggle import of opening elements
  • Improved IFC-to-Code_Aster script
  • Preset render settings for creating documentation and diagrams
  • Create dimension annotations in 3D from any orientation instead of for a particular view
  • New support for IFC projection elements (opposite of void elements)
  • Allow you to create other types of leaders and section levels from any orientation instead of for a particular view
  • IfcPolygonalFaceSets are now imported with the correct units (useful for sites and terrains)
  • Extra checks to ensure exports don't create GlobalId collisions
  • Allow duplicate names for both mesh and curve data
  • New option allowing people to maintain parametric behaviour to generate multiple IFC objects, or to bake the results into a single IFC object
  • New IFCPatch tool, allowing you to patch the data in an IFC file based on a series of preloaded "recipes". These allow you to workaround various limitations in other IFC authoring exports in a safe way without breaking the rest of the IFC data. Recipies include:
    • Reset spatial element object placement locations
    • Offset from absolute coordinates to a local system
    • Remove representations from sites
    • Offset IfcBuildingStorey elevations
    • Set reference elevation
  • BIMTester now shows test results with a percentage success rate
  • IFC import now imports pset data
  • 2D grids are now imported even though curve data isn't enabled, given the importance of grids. Support added for IfcGrid and IfcGridAxis
  • New ability to search for IFC objects by their attribute or pset property values with a case insensitive string, with support for regex for super advanced searching
  • You can select any IFC attribute or pset property and colour code the model by the value for a visual cue when auditing IFC data
  • Minor UI clean-up to hide panels by default
  • New import option to toggle import of IfcSpace objects
  • Handle import coordinate offsetting of IFC2X3 files created from Tekla which are poorly geolocated
  • Version bump to the latest IfcOpenShell library, which includes fixes for more stable geometry import

Get the latest version today:



  • Dion, I experience problem installing latest version, see picture;

    Any advice? Running Blender 2.82@Ubuntu 19.10

  • @Nordlenningen Yes - the upgrade procedure is a bit finicky at the moment. For now, the easiest approach is to delete all of the plugin files and install cleanly. See here.

    The list of files to delete in the add-ons dir is:

    lib/ # Note: this only exists on MacOS and Linux

    On Linux and Mac, because of the way the Conda builds currently have relative links to their .so files, you are also required to delete all the lib*.so* files in your ~/.config/blender/2.81/ folder. It's a pain, I know. However to fix it requires a bit of work on the Conda builds for OCE, which is not really my expertise.

  • @Moult Still same problem.

    I'll remove Blender and run a fresh one.

  • Finished, work like a charm....(remove and installing Blender less than 2 snap minutes) :-)

  • A new version of the BlenderBIM Add-on is now released: v0.0.200328! Get the new version today:

    One month since the last release, there have been over 30 fixes, stability improvements, and new features. Highlights include new import features for simplify and merge IFC models, brand new IFC to/from CSV data export and import, basic support for BCF-XML 2.1, and simple construction documentation sheet management.

    • Latest IfcOpenShell version, with various stability fixes to import more files!
    • BIMTester can now just generate reports if required
    • BIMTester can run a single test instead of the entire test suite
    • Fix import bug with some IFC object types aren't related correctly
    • New BIMTester test to check if an element doesn't exist
    • Improved support for IFC2X3 materials without transparency
    • Fix import bug where IFC spaces with the same name might not be in the right location in the spatial tree
    • New import option to auto-merge geometry by IFC class
    • New import option to auto-merge geometry by IFC material
    • New import option to disable element aggregation
    • Hidden lines in construction documentation may now be in 3D, useful for showing exploded axonometric views
    • New IFCCSV tool allows querying an IFC file and exporting attributes and psets and reimporting an updated CSV to the IFC model
    • IFCCSV tool allows querying using IFC class, attribute, pset, and qto filters, with multiple operators, AND and OR statements
    • Export fix where sometimes you could create an abstract IFC class
    • All IfcSpatialElements are now supported including obscure ones like IfcSpatialZone and IfcExternalSpatialElement
    • IFC exports now support multiple materials on a single object
    • Fix export bug where some aggregates don't export
    • Fix import bug where some objects inside a space won't import
    • New import feature to automatically clean meshes to get nicer topologies
    • New export feature to export objects inside spaces and any spatial element
    • New import feature to record the spatial relationship of objects inside spaces (with ability to scale for large projects)
    • New import feature where quantity take-off quantities are imported
    • New export feature where you can manually fill out quantities and export them
    • Fix import bug where materials may be on multiple shape representations
    • New support for BCF XML 2.1!
    • View list of BCF topics in the UI, showing basic metadata about each topic
    • New button to uninstall add-on, to improve the upgrade process
    • See multiple viewpoints for each BCF topic and launch a camera view for each viewpoint
    • Any type of curve object is now supported for construction documentation annotation objects
    • Spatial containers are auto-detected when exporting making it more convenient for users to do quick exports
    • Support for BCF topic comments
    • BCF topic reference links, BIM snippets, document references, and related topics are supported with buttons to quickly open both external and internal references
    • New buttons to quickly view BlenderBIM Add-on homepage, docs, wiki, and forum
    • Documentation titleblock and view templates heavily optimised to a fraction of the filesize - mere kilobytes!
    • New UI feature to add new sheets and add views to sheets
    • New UI features to quickly open sheets and views in external SVG programs / viewers
    • Views now store view scale in their vector output - in an indsutry where our vector output is non-semantic, which really changes things!
    • Fix IfcPatch bug for broken ResetAbsoluteCoordinates recipe
    • New feature to publish sheets with automatic view titles, scales, view numbers, and sheet names
  • HI @Moult

    As I was trying to update Blender to the newest version, I accidentally unchecked the Addon BlenderBIM. Now I have the problem that I cannot bring it back again. I get the following error message everytime I try to check the box:

    is there hope to bring it back?

  • @agron - see this reply to @Nordlenningen which should help.

    The latest release now has an uninstall button which should mitigate this problem. It still isn't fully solved - perhaps in the next release.

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