IFC vim syntax highlighting

I mentioned there is a vim syntax highlighting configuration in File::IFC, I'll attach it here. It helps make an IFC file a little bit easier to read:

To use it, download the file and rename it to ~/.vim/syntax/ifc.vim

Then edit your ~/.vimrc file and makes sure it says something like this somewhere:

syntax on

au BufRead,BufNewFile *.ifc set filetype=ifc



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    Awesome work! For those on Vim who want a quick fix, another solution is :set syntax=stp. This sets the syntax highlighting to the STEP syntax.

    This is what it looks like:

  • In further attempts at making IFC files easier to read, I implemented a tool that builds a DAG for any IFC file and reorders the entities using a depth first sort. This places referenced entities before the entities where they are referenced, and generally puts entities that have lots of references (like IFCOWNERHISTORY) towards the front.

  • @brunopostle very cool! Something to add to the wiki, perhaps?

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    I also made one for geany . It needs some more work, but here it is already...
    You need to add this file to .config/geany/filedefs and after that inside geany, go to Tools->Configuration Files->filetype_extensions.conf and add a line like this: IFC=*.ifc

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