OSArch Advocates & Supporters

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There is a page on the wiki for letting the world know you support the work of OSarch
Please add your name if that matches your interests.
I suggest that you use your real name and link to your own user page on the wiki. On that page you can then say a bit about who you are and maybe link to yourself on other sources (of course also on this forum. I have done this for myself.
My reason for thinking this is that people want to know who we are - we want to know who each other are. Adding a bit of info to your profile on the wiki is a good way to do that. You can say what projects you supprt, why your involved or whatever you want. You can also link to your LinkedIn profile or other sources. This allows people to follow you and learn more. I want to collect with you on LinkedIn, on soon on other platforms, so we can like each others posts and boost their visibility.



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