Unification of BlenderBIM and IfcOpenShell web experience

Hi Community,

As you're probably aware, BlenderBIM is being developed as part of the IfcOpenShell repo on github. The experience on the web for both projects is not very coherent. Since mostly http://ifcopenshell.org is horribly outdated I think it makes most sense to get ifcopenshell.org to adopt the BlenderBIM theme and go from there.

None of this is my expertise, are there people interested in helping out with this or advise a bit? I had the following ideas in mind:


  • Get BlenderBIM theme and convert to flask/jinja2 (cc @Moult)
  • Update ifcopenshell.org website (flask) to use new template
  • Remove outdated content: IfcBlender IfcMax, ...
  • First level menu item to blenderbim.org (and from there back to ifcopenshell.org)


  • New content: IfcPatch, IfcDiff, ... (see forums for logos)
  • New content: some sort of carousel with example usage
  • Revisit ifcopenshell logo and pairing with text





  • Ping @tetov maybe your cup of tea? :)

  • edited April 10

    That's great @aothms! Regarding documentation I recently came across the Executable Book Project that was used in this project that caught my attention (COFEA Initiative and which by the way I have to document somewhere in our wiki).
    I consider it a great theme for documentation, seems to work great for mobile as well and it is always based on Sphinx.

  • We have discussed sub forums before and I don't see any special problem with it. I haven't supported it earlier because it divides the discussion into fragments. It's nice and useful to see what everyone else is doing.

    With that said there is talk of switching to a different forum system. So maybe now is not the time to make a subforum - but just mix it into the main forum. We have some tags and I sometimes merge threads if they deserve it - so it's not a completely disorganized mess even though there are a lot of different things being discussed.

  • Took a quick look. Are are both built using Sphinx?

  • @tetov both https://blenderbim.org/docs/ and https://ifcopenshell.github.io/docs/ use Sphinx - yes, they have the same source. The former is something I set up a long time ago without any automated updates, and the latter I think has automated updates. Just theme differences.

  • I'll start on it this week :).

  • Bump :)

  • Haven't forgotten, just been busy. I'll get started this week or next.

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