The BIM Framework and FreeCAD

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A cross post of an interesting thread in the FreeCAD forum by F_Rosa, about FreeCAD and BIM workflow, with case as example to evaluate FC current status. I will add it to our workflow directory.



  • This looks so good! Would be great to put some drawings next to the models on our workflow page. We also need to do some work on and find a good way to highlight the most impressive projects - maybe just three projects? Is that something you'd like to look at @bitacovir ? Maybe as an article together with @bruno_perdigao ?

    @Jesusbill I think we need a 'state of the game' session where we invite some people like this project and others to just talk about how far Libre OpenBIM has come and what they're doing with it. New Phrase: libre openbim

    Sorry this post has gone a bit off topic in several directions. Very naughty. I got a bit excited by this great example.

  • State of the Game
    @duncan I like it!!

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