Parametricos launched #CityLite, an open-source smart-cities concept 🏙️ #BIM #GIS #3DMaps

Imagine the infinite possibilities of an #opensource 3D world with contributions from all over the world - We've built CityLite | Open-Source Smart Cities Concept with the vision of building together a complete world for designers to simulate better urban environments in the design phase!

CityLite is a smart cities concept platform for smarter and greener cities. It was initially designed and developed in under 48 hours as part of our submission for the Cassini Hackathon - Digitising Green Spaces in June 2021.

It's based on amazing open-source technologies such as #threejs, #harpgl and #ifcjs

Check it out on Github:
or try CityLite here!


There are a few ways to contribute to this project and improve it:
1. Fork the project repository and make your first pull request
2. Submit sample BIM Models (IFC), a square thumbnail image and the project's location
3. Test it and create Issues in GitHub so that we can start working on them
Please feel free to contact us about contributing at or send us a message on Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram

Join our Community

Ask us to invite you to our Slack Channels or join our newly created community on Discord


CityLite is developed and maintained by Parametricos Ltd. CityLite and was open-sourced in the name of BIM, GIS and it's community! On the 26th of May 2021, we open-sourced our first package BCF-js which was part of the Studio 3DX.

Do you want to be part of the development? Let's have a chat!

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