.obj to .ifc 3DBAGViewer and BlenderBIM

This is not really a bug report or question, but more knowledge sharing about the cool stuff Blender BIM is capable of. I can't imagine Revit handling this so well.

In the Netherlands there is a 3D BAG Viewer, it's a university/governmental institute which provides 3D building information of the Netherlands.

They made it possible to download this information in several formats. I downloaded a tile and imported the .obj format into Blender.

They provide a manual on how to get a correct .obj import

I tried exporting the whole geometry as an IfcBuildingElementProxy and it worked flawless.
In a few seconds I had the entire geometry in IFC to scale.

Next cool step would to find out how to assign the information from the 3DBAG viewer to IFC and split the geometry objects out by number to IfcBuilding.



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