TGN: an opensource development concept for implementation on one or many platforms

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My life in the technology world has become such that I only write up ideas for development (specs, mockups, proposals) but lack any way of making them happen. That being the case, I wonder, does anyone like this demo?
That's just a glimpse at a few parts of a whole new spec I've written this year. And I've got some ideas for how to make this extremely favorable for any/all developers who want to give it a go. And places that could lead. But this will just remain dreams in my head unless someone is willing to pick this ball up and run with it (rugby analogy? American football?)
Here's a very brief description of the concept, from my blog (and that's a picture of my cat at the bottom)



  • "I've got some ideas for how to make this extremely favorable for any/all developers who want to give it a go." Extremely favorable? Who am I kidding? What I mean is, I can give all my spec work away for free and you can do anything you want with it. With luck, this will turn into some consulting work for me along the way. << That's what I actually meant.

  • Rob, Hans here (also, here :) Super Demo, slick!! Can see $$ in the eyse if i was a bim sales person
    there must be folks out here that can make stuff happen in FOSS!
    I am willing to help a hand testing and braking it.

  • Hans Thank you. The idea is that TGN functions are for everyone, everywhere. So you can create TGN expressions in one modeling app, and share them with someone else in another modeling app, and have the TGNs reliably expressed wherever they're shared (as long as the TGN functions are supported there). I describe this in a presentation I'm finishing now (and in a spec).

    As long as I'm dreaming, the dream is that FOSS developers see many uses for this and extend it in many unique ways.

    At some point there could be a team to manage core TGN standards to try to manage that core foundational aspects of TGN expression are reliably portable, while domain-unique TGN enhancements can work in a single domain or app as needed. So there would be a floor below which TGN expression is standard and above which unique innovative stuff happens in the wild. There could be a process where some of that above floor stuff migrates down to the common basement as standard.

    Another idea is that if this takes off as something people find generally useful, then there could be dev teams that implement TGN as a professional service into existing commercial apps and platforms, or in some cases, as assistant for this.

    If anyone's interested, I'm looking for partners.

  • I replace the demo video link with this one

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