Blender Assets Browser

Not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but I came across this, and thought there might be valuable workflows to share within our group. One that came to mind is for visualization for interiors, where detailed models like pillows, silverware would bog down model authoring tools, yet could quickly be added within Blender:



  • I see there's already a discussion going on about that subject :
    The Asset Browser will definitely be a great addition to the Blender Environment. However I think we're still quite far from it being really functional. The UI is clunky at best, the UX has not yet been really defined, it's not optimized for large sets of objects and the API is pretty lackluster. But in 2 or 3 releases (~1 year) when the feature has matured a bit users will wonder how they managed to work without it for so long !
    Depending on how they implement the API and how customizable the stored data is, I can clearly see it being used as a built-in tool for IFC elements too.

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