Learning Material for Code_Aster and Salome_Meca

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I am providing a non-exhaustive list of learning material for whoever interested in using Code_Aster and Salome_Meca.

Please, feel free to add any additional material you may know of, thanks.

The BOOK - or the BIBLE for many of the existing users

Beginning with code_aster - A practical introduction to finite element method using code_aster and Gmsh

This book by Jean-Pierre Aubry, one of the gurus and super-users of code_aster, is perhaps the must-read material for anyone wanting to start, especially structural engineers with focus on 1D (beams, columns, trusses, cables) and 2D (walls, slabs) analytical elements.

His pre- and post-processing workflow is based on Gmsh, outside thus the Salome_Meca ecosystem, a choice which I respect but not fully embrace, nonetheless the material presented for creating the so-called "command file" that drives the code_aster analyses is invalueble.

Video Tutorials

Official Documentation and Code_Aster Forum

Code_Aster has perhaps one of the most extensive list of documentation and validation cases. The downside is that documentation is written in French and then machine-translated to English, which can be a bit clumsy at times. In any case, for a correct reference of the commands to be written in a command file I always recommend double-checking with the French version, other than that the English version is fine in most cases for reading.

  • Documentation for stable v14 version. Contains:

    • U(tilisation) documents that explain each available command
    • R(eference) documents that explain the theoretical basis of the code
    • V(alidation) documents that summarize the validation cases - along with an explicit list of all testcases by name

    You can watch this video to see a bit about the documentation and how to access and run all testcases inside Salome_Meca. All testcases are also included in the installed folder of Salome_Meca (.../V201xxxxx/tools/Code_aster_xxxx/share/aster/tests)

  • Official training material from Code_Aster's website

  • Official Code_Aster Forum

Code_Aster in Italy - mostly for who speaks Italian :)



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