Add property set / property to many objects

Right now it seems possible to copy property values to the active objects. But can I assign a property value to multiple objects at the same time? Using ifccsv would be a less visual option, and doesn't work for not active properties, or not yet added property sets. Any ideas?


  • yes, the specification allows you to relate the same propertyset to multiple elements, but generally this is done by relating a propertyset to an ifctypeobject.

  • @tobenz - You can currently bulk add psets to all selected objects, and once this is done, bulk edit the property values using the copy tool. I also created a small plugin that allows me to rename all parameters in a file - If you want, you could take this and edit it further to allow you add specific, custom properties or bulk edit values.

  • As @vpajic describes, adding, and then copying achieves the same thing as I think what you're after.

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