Add property set / property to many objects

Right now it seems possible to copy property values to the active objects. But can I assign a property value to multiple objects at the same time? Using ifccsv would be a less visual option, and doesn't work for not active properties, or not yet added property sets. Any ideas?


  • yes, the specification allows you to relate the same propertyset to multiple elements, but generally this is done by relating a propertyset to an ifctypeobject.

  • @tobenz - You can currently bulk add psets to all selected objects, and once this is done, bulk edit the property values using the copy tool. I also created a small plugin that allows me to rename all parameters in a file - If you want, you could take this and edit it further to allow you add specific, custom properties or bulk edit values.

  • As @vpajic describes, adding, and then copying achieves the same thing as I think what you're after.

  • A little update on this. Thanks to the awesome work by @vpajic his code has been merged in and there are now a bunch of new bulk property editing features.

  • Just thinking out loud, this tool would work well with the Blender spreadsheet add-on to visualize which objects got updated.

  • @Coen can the spreadsheet be used for other things than mesh attributes already? Up until now I didn't find a way to manipulate custom data of objects.

  • @tobenz said:
    @Coen can the spreadsheet be used for other things than mesh attributes already? Up until now I didn't find a way to manipulate custom data of objects.

    I thought the same as well..

  • @tobenz

    I don't understand the question, what do you mean with custom data? Like your own defined propertysets>properties?
    I think that feature would be quite easily to implement in the blenderbim spreadsheet add-on. If the users changes the cells in the spreadsheet file the IFC elements could be updated with the following pseudocode:

        for wall in walls:
            property_set = ifcfile.createIfcPropertySet(wall.GlobalId, owner_history, "Your properties", None, property_values)
            ifcfile.createIfcRelDefinesByProperties(wall.GlobalId, owner_history, None, None, [wall], property_set)
  • @Coen I see, you meant the blenderbim spreadsheet. I was thinking about the new native blender spreadsheet used for geometry nodes.

  • @tobenz
    The importance of semantics, funny miscommunication.

  • @Coen, @vpajic, I've been following your conversation thinking how you should illustrate the functionality of your addons to the developers of the blender spreadsheet ( Imagine if Coen's spreadsheet view filter were integrated into native blender, avoiding the need to export and reload.

  • @tlang
    That would be really cool, I'm not knowledgeable about the Blender spreadsheet. However with the BlenderBIM spreadhsheet (eg. Excel, Libre) one is able to combine the functionality of software applications.

  • The Blender native spreadsheet is not yet capable of doing what we're after. It just displays mesh properties. I suspect we're not the only ones waiting for this new functionality, so hopefully it'll be possible in the future.

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