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think it would be great to have a directory of 100% free software (e.g. Honeybee is free, but currently coupled with Rhino, which is proprietary - although I heard the devs are making it agnostic!) that could be used at various stages of the design and construction pipeline. Here's a list of what I know so far, please let me know if there are others!

The end goal is a directory with a short description and image for each, and some form of category.

  • Blender - Polygonal 3D modeling, animation, and rendering
  • FreeCAD - Parametric, constraint-based solid modeling and analysis for industrial design
  • Tissue - Create parametric and tesselated panels in Blender
  • Sverchok - Parametric and algorithmic or generative design with Blender, similar to Grasshopper
  • ArchiPack - Quickly model parametric architectural objects in Blender
  • BlenderBIM Add-on - Read, write, and management of IFC data with Blender
  • Measure-it - Create 3D measurements in Blender
  • IfcOpenShell - A C++ and Python library for manipulating IFC data for programmers
  • BIMServer - An online server to view and manage IFC files, similar to BIM360
  • Radiance - Scientifically validated light simulation for light engineering
  • EnergyPlus - Scientifically validated energy analysis platform
  • OpenFOAM - Computational fluid dynamics analysis platform
  • ParaView - Scientific visualisation platform for analysis results
  • Code_Aster - Numerical simulation for structural mechanics
  • Flexible Collision Library - Allows interrogation of geometry clashes
  • BIMTester - Write unit tests to perform quality auditing of IFC data
  • IFCDiff - Compare changes between two IFC files
  • IFCCOBie - Convert COBie data from an IFC file to spreadsheet format
  • BIMSurfer - Web-based IFC model viewer
  • BRL-CAD - Command based solid modeling platform

I have probably missed quite a few, so please feel free to add your own!



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