BlenderBim How to round Dimensions?

This is a really silly one but anyone know how to round the dimensions in Blenderbim? so they display as a rounded to end in 5 or 0,

so perhaps round this to 11.35 or most likely 11.40


  • AceAce
    edited August 2022

    Ok I found it and in hindsight it seems obvious hahha, it just doesnt reflect in the annotation preview

    It's called "drawing metric precision"

    This value is in metres regardless of whether you've changed your units to mm, it doesnt affect the real dimension just the printed one

    Printed and rounded SVG:

    This is with the precision set to 0.005 = 5mm , for some reason it doesn't show (here is shows 0.00 which is missing a decimal) but it works

  • This seems to be missing in the latest version:

    Does anyone know where it might have moved to?

  • It's a EPset_Drawing property now.

  • @theoryshaw said:
    It's a EPset_Drawing property now.


  • I think now it's specified for each drawing separately:

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