BlenderBIM Tutorial for Beginners

Hello, Please I need resources on how to start using the BlenderBIM addon.
I have installed the BlenderBIM addon.
How do I assign the objects I have modeled in blender to IFC classes? I have come across the IFC object, Representations, Classification References in blender's object properties tab, but I have not been able to figure out how to use those properties. I have a small building I have modeled using normal blender mesh modelling techniques - Walls as mesh objects, Windows as mesh objects with a separate mesh object cutting into the wall using a boolean etc. I would like to be able to assign these objects to their "proper" IFC classes. I wonder also if it would be to automate the process; a way to tell blender that I am creating a wall object for example, and to have it automatically assigned to the relevant IFC class etc.

More importantly for me right now is how to work with views and sheets. I have come across sheets in the scene properties tab, but I have not been able to figure out how to use those properties.
I currently use Revit at my place of Employment, however my Revit models are only used to generate construction documents and as a basis for visualization in blender (exported as fbx) not for any collaborative work, For collaboration with Structural and MEP consultants, I usually export Revit views to dwg (which is what the consultants work with). I am however considering switching to using a Blender-centric workflow. I would need a way to create relevant views and export them to dwg or dxf to be able to send to my consultants, I would also need to generate views for construction documentation.

Thank you.


  • Okay, I have been able to figure out how to assign objects to classes from the Scene properties tab. I still need help with setting up views and sheets.

  • @Jaocek glad to hear you have worked out how to assign objects to classes! In the latest version, this process has been made more user-friendly by allowing you to do it from the object properties tab.

    The views and sheets feature is still quite rudimentary. I must warn you before you begin that it is not feature-complete: so there will be documentation features that exist in Revit that do not exist in the BlenderBIM Add-on, and also that the BlenderBIM Add-on annotation is not associated to geometry at the moment (i.e. if you move the geometry, the dimension will not change, you need to move the dimension separately).

    Also, it exports SVG, not DWG/DXF. The SVG can then be converted into DWG/DXF, but a portion of it remains rasterised (not all).

    Unless you are ready to try something kind of broken and incomplete, do not expect it to be a drop-in replacement for your existing drafting tools. Are you sure you'd like to continue? If not, you'll probably need to wait for us to do a bit more work first.

  • @Moult , for some of us who would like to take the risk and play around to see how far we can go using BlenderBim as is now, would it be possible to hold a walk through focussed entirely on using BlenderBim fortnightly, (or monthly if that proves too hectic) for a set period of time and record each session for upload on Youtube / Peertube? Participants would be made to understand they're dealing with work in progress to manage their expectations. I think this would give more users in the wild the opportunity to engage with BlenderBim, ask questions, give insight which will aid development and help you identify blind spots in the UX, without you having to go over the same grounds with each person you do a video chat with. Having each session uploaded online would also help participants and new users to have a reference point to return to if they forget something (I wish the session I had with you was recorded for example). I think the Livestream / Q&A format reduces the pressure and time commitment of creating 'official' tutorials and the actual tutorials can be on a separate play list when they come so people know the features / workflow might be different. It does not have to be longer than 45 - 60 minutes.

  • @DADA_universe that's a great idea! Let's do that! How about 8:30am Sydney time every other Saturday sound?

  • Yes we can do this.

  • @DADA_universe a very good idea! @Moult will try to join you for periodic live stream tutorial of the BlenderBim addon. If I don't manage live stream I wll catch up with the recording.

  • How about we do this Saturday, 20th June 8:30am Sydney Time (note, it may be still Friday depending on where you are in the world)? We can do it at

  • Can't wait to start learning some BlenderBIM!! I'll see you guys on Saturday!

  • This is a great initiative that will benefit many newcomers. I won't make it this time but I will be definitely following the sessions. I will also inform some friends that have already asked me about BlenderBIM ;)

  • Hello guys! Thanks for the information, I'll also try to be at the BlenderBIM meeting, great initiative! I have just started to work with BlenderBIM and I'm having some trouble when exporting the IFC. I do all the steps listed on the BlenderBIM Tutorial for Beginners but when I export the model, nothing happens, any IFC file is generated. Do you know why it happens?

  • @Beatriz we can check it out tomorrow morning :)

  • @Moult said:
    How about we do this Saturday, 20th June 8:30am Sydney Time (note, it may be still Friday depending on where you are in the world)? We can do it at


  • Hi All,
    This is great, thanks for setting it up. Has the session been recorded? Is there a mailing list to join to get a reminder for the next session?

  • @Giovanni said:
    Has the session been recorded?

    Yes. Check last videos from moult peertube channel.

  • Still uploading - you'll notice not all the content is there yet, because my internet is quite slow. When it's all uploaded, I'll give a full list.

  • Thanks for this Dion.
    While watching the videos I jotted down suggestions for what to cover in subsequent sessions:
    1. Using Archipack with BlenderBim, simple (garden shed?) project walkthrough from start to finish.
    2. Using BlenderBim for construction documentation (sections, dimensions, annotation, export to 2d, etc).
    3. Taking quantities for an Ifc project- quick cost estimation using BlenderBim (using the same garden shed?).
    4. Using BlenderBim to collaborate with other people using different Bim authoring tools (Revit, ArchiCad, etc) how to set up your project, best practices, etc.

  • Sorry for the delay - I've been a tad busy and haven't had too much spare time. All the content is now uploaded to the Peertube channel.

    I may consider mirroring these on Youtube, but no rush :)

    I think quantities would be a nice one to tackle next, whilst the construction documentation features are still undergoing change.

  • When do we have the next one?

  • Let's do it in 2 weeks. I've been too busy the past couple weeks and unfortunately not much to show. So Saturday, 18th July 8:30am Sydney Time.

  • @Moult said:
    Let's do it in 2 weeks. I've been too busy the past couple weeks and unfortunately not much to show. So Saturday, 18th July 8:30am Sydney Time.

    Okay, great. Will see what I can break and report before then! ;o)

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