ArchiPack and BlenderBIM

Thank you for your work. This is a new direction to adopt blender ArchiPack to solve problems of designers' working with IFC and BIM. It looks easier than using BIM tools; Revit or ArchiCAD for working in concept design. I have problems with IFC import&export windows or doors and need your help to demonstrate how users can use ArchiPack and BlenderBIM; especially windows, doors, stairs, and roof.

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  • At this time, archipack does not handle ifc import, your objects will be blender's mesh.
    Archipack 2.x "pro" version provide an extended ifc exporter as objects like doors and windows must be processed on the fly by the exporter so geometry structure match with ifc standards, and in order to properly handle booleans as ifcOpening.
    There is also a tool available to build ifc collection structure and rename objects according with blenderbim requirements.
    More informations about exporter are available here the wiki

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