1-day BlenderBim + Opensource workflow accredited course

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Yesterday I gave a 1-day online workshop introductory course to an Opensource workflow for Architectural design using primarily Blender & BlenderBim. It was accredited to bring in as many people as possible and was advertised for my local Architectural association GIfA (Gauteng Institute for Architecture) and distributed through my local CPD course supplier.

You can find it linked here:
I spent the last two months creating it and getting the accreditation with my local Architectural association, and I was GREATLY assisted by the distributor of my CPD (continual professional development ) courses, Who seems to similarly be very keen on Open source software. It's a pay for course (we had to pay for accreditation) but we agreed the content could be shared on other platforms but just without the accreditation.

The content was an amalgamation of the tutorials on youtube and quick overviews of different tools and software's found here and a few elsewhere, including blender and blenderbim, homebuilder, meshroom and stable diffusion. With Q&A and polling elements. Everything I went over in it is frequently discussed here.
It is kinda similar in flow but not as well presented as this brilliant video overview from @yorik a few years ago:

The workshop was done live and everything that could go wrong did (especially with homebuilder and stable diffusion) but I think I had a good crowd and it overall seemed to be very well received and attended by about 30 people / architects.

It was really my attempt to make something that was accesible as possible, see what kind of interest there might be, and see whether it could get some legitimacy this side. If it didn't work out that would have been fine but sad.
It's about 6 hours and Although a lot of the content is the same as found here and was skewed with a South African bias , my intention from here is to break it into portions, edit it down and put it nearly everywhere for free, youtube, skillshare, udemy etc, and https://learn.osarch.org/

Once it's all up, probably in a month or so I wonder if there are any people here who would interested in attempting the same process in their locale? We are quite an international group and I can't say if it will be received the same but I think we've got a precedent here. And I would be very keen to help people who think they could present

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  • Hi, I usually teach to others bim stuffs (mainly Revit and Navisworks). During my lessons I always speak about blenderbim and osarch community. My aim could be to involve the firms I work with to organize a 4 + 4 hours of continual professional development that we also have in italy to spread openBim words so to try to reach more people. Could be a paid course (with a small paid fee enterely devolved to blenderbim) or completely free. What do you think?

  • Hey @Bimlooser that sounds excellent! I am busy editing the workshop, I think it would be a great opportunity to transfer the course on. Do you think you would be available in 2 weeks sometime, we could hop on the OSArch chat to discuss it? By then hopefully the content is fully edited and we can just go through it and make changes

  • @Ace no rush, for me is better to discuss in the final part of the month. Meanwhile I begin to explain my firms the idea behind the workshop

  • @Ace when you are available for a chat in the next week? I think we're the same UTC, I'm from Italy

  • Hi @Bimlooser, can we say Wednesday, 31 May? What suits you better evening or during the day?

  • Hi, we can do early afternoon (2:00/2:30) or in the evening (from 6 until 8). Is it possible for you? will we meet in OSArch chat or whatever? Thanks

  • 6 until 8 sounds perfect catch you on the OSArch chat !

  • I think I'm inside the chatroom but i don't see you

  • APologies give me a momen

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