Unity new pricing model

Just another reminder of the importance of free software.
I don't know if you guys are following this subject, but basically Unity has changed its pricing model, and game developers are pissed off.
I really liked this video about it because he makes the point that if this new model succeeds, it might be copied by every big software company.



  • The thing I love most about this stuff is that, it results in mass migration to FOSS alternatives and it becomes an amazing stress test for those platforms. So far we've seen it with Twitter -> Mastodon, Reddit -> Lemmy and with this Unity -> Godot.

    I hope Autodesk does something this stupid :)

  • The Revit--> BlenderBIM moment can't come soon enough :)

  • This also happened with Fusion 360 --> FreeCAD :) It's very kind of them to help given our limited marketing budget.

  • I always felt like a sense of community was the prime reason I have used FOSS for almost 20 years now. That is something proprietary tools have difficulty establishing.

    I know that it will possibly be a little harder to start to use BlenderBIM, FreeCAD, Inkscape, GIMP, Ardour, LibreOffice, Kdenlive, QCAD etc. But once I get the hang of things, it's not even slightly harder than any other tool. For example, I am so used to using GIMP that Photoshop is like an alien technology to me, I am so efficient in FreeCAD that even my colleagues who use Revit even are curious about the software.

    I have been watching a lot of "Unity to Godot" videos on Youtube, and most of the time they have great time learning a new thing and a swarm of people try to "forcefully" help them, because that's what a community is all about. That's exactly the same thing I experienced every time I started using a FOSS tool. Forums, IRC rooms, Matrix rooms, wikis, documentation... They're all created by the community, to help the community.

    For the last year or so, that's how I've felt about BlenderBIM. There's a great community, and some mindblowing knowledge about AEC and software development. That is not something you can experience using Allplan or Revit etc.

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