Ladybug Tools for Sverchok and Blender



  • I would really like Ladybug for Blender 4 and preferable parts of Honeybee. At least the geometric parts.

  • As im sure the BlenderBim has more focus than these analytical tools, perhaps the VI-Suite can be an alternativ for temporary use until we see Ladybug and Honeybee comes around?
    The VI-Suite tools can be shown here:

    However, VI-Suite uses blender file format, so any parametric studies with IFC nodes will not work. You need to export IFC with BlenderBim, save the file to Blender file format and change all items which contain "/" to "-" or any other character as VI-Suite for time being do not support "/".

  • An alternative is to use the donate button and set up recurring payment and indicate that development of this module should be prioritized. I have done this, but we need a critical mass to help prioritize development.

  • For users of ladybug tools, is there a significant advantage in doing these analysis on 3D solids as opposed to analyzing rasters? I think Whitebox Tools and some GIS-oriented programs can do some of these metrics.

  • @nikitron said:

    @Moult said:
    For those unaware of Ladybug tools,

    Please, update Ladybug tools, Blender 4.0 and so on. It not works

    We are in times where Sustainability is a "must" in everything. Ladybug tools "must" be in any OpenSource workflow.

  • BlenderBim and Ladybug were the reasons I started to use Blender two years ago. Sure, I can use Ladybug in grashopper but it is much harder to integrate into an efficiant workflow.

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