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  • Added a MUSE for inspiration...

  • I have a number of reasons to avoid references to the OSI logo. Most importantly as @Moult notes not all OSI licenses are regarded by FSF as free software. I don't want to sidetrack this discussion to talk about licenses, so I'll post more on this in a different thread.

    On a separate note we need to also keep in mind that we want a logo that is not only appealing and relatable for an architect, but also for a building maintenance supervisor and a back-room number crunching computational engineer. For me this means it shouldn't be too sketchy.

  • As I understand it the sketchiness of the logo would be a symbol of the community foundation of this organisation more than an appeal to architects.

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    Took a stab at one as well. Added to the FD.
    Here's the blender file, if anyone wants to play around logo.blend?dl=1

  • I made a countdown to our two-weeks-since-the-last-post deadline.

  • @JanF said:
    I made a countdown to our two-weeks-since-the-last-post deadline.

    This should go in the right column of the main osarch page.

  • Hi all,
    I am a newbie this forum and I'm really happy to be part of the OSArch community. I have just added my idea, based on theroyshaw work's. I played a little with the letters "O" and "S" of the Open-Source term.
    I hope you like it.


  • So @three_d just sneaked a new proposal in two hours before the deadline, shell we restart it as originally planned or should we close it now?
    I'd prefer to close it and start the vote so it doesn't drag on.

  • @three_d good job with 2 hours to go! :D

    Maybe extend by a week? Simply because it was so last minute.

  • Ok reset the clock to a week from the last submission.

  • @JanF said:
    So @three_d just sneaked a new proposal in two hours before the deadline, shell we restart it as originally planned or should we close it now?
    I'd prefer to close it and start the vote so it doesn't drag on.

    I'm sorry for the misunderstanding (my English is not very good).
    When I saw the countdown I thought the deadline ultimate.
    Unfortunately, I had not understood that if someone adds an idea before the deadline, the countdown restart from scratch :(

  • Hahaha no worries, it's great that you contributed, it was just a joke.

  • The vote for the new OSArch logo is finally up:
    I grouped the ones I saw as variants under one option - this is the first round, where we pick a few options which will get refined. I suggest the top four (one third) are taken to the next round.
    I also excluded one of my proposals because of the similarity to the airbnb logo.

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    Voted ... for way too many of them. I think the top four going forward is a good idea and I think the grouping is good. Good work! Is there a way to include some numbers to make it easy to discuss them here?
    One thing we didn't do is check them at several different sizes. Please think about that as you vote "will I recognize this at 16x16 pixels". We should do that for the next round.

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    If there is I haven't found it, I numbered their alt tags (1-12 going left to right), but these are not normally visible. (you can see those in the source code of the webpage, or if you disable your images)

  • @JanF what's the next stage and when does the first round of voting stop? It looks to me like 6, 8 & 9 should go further. Nothing else has more than four votes.

  • How about voting closes on the 7th of Jan (i.e. that makes 2 weeks of voting)?

  • Well I was hoping for more votes, but we can close it on the 7th and talk about the next stage at the meetup.

  • Behold the results of the first round:

    The best four are #4 #6 #8 #9. Let's discuss what do we do next tomorrow.

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    My suggestion would be that we focus on graphical impression and not color.

    I suggest we regard them as black/white/grey graphics and settle on colors afterwards. 6 is shown in red/orange but it could just as easily be a different color. Not liking the color should not exclude voting for the design.

    We have a blue/green orange/brown theme going on which can be applied and adjusted to any of those designs.

  • Ok so we agreed to take the four best ones from the first round and do some more work on them, focusing mostly on the shape and readability in different sizes. If you insist on picking a particular font or colour, keep in mind it has to be opensource and be matching/usable as website colour theme as well.
    @bruno_perdigao @chunchk @Moult can you please post your source files for your designs?

  • I am sorry. the file is in my work computer and my company has a co worker infected with COVID so no one can go back and I am being quarantine until 23.
    I will try to found a way to create it again.

  • please forget what I said
    somehow I replicate it

  • Added a bit refurbished version from the round 1 in two sizes, as a logo and as a favicon.

  • @JanF can you do a version at 64x64? I'm concerned about those thin lines.

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    @duncan added a 64/64px version
    And since we seem to be stuck a bit, pinging people who submitted something in the first round (please don't get discouraged even if your design didn't make it to the second round and try a color or size variation of one of those that did, they all still need polishing!)
    @theoryshaw @chunchk @bruno_perdigao @three_d @bitacovir @jamesjky @JQL @baswein @Moult

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