IDS Information Delivery Specification

Hi! For some time I've been working on IfcOpenShell implementation of Information Delivery Specification (IDS) * standard from buildingSMART. I wasn't very active on the forum, but will try to make up for that :) As @Moult announced here, I'm involved in the GSoC '21 programme to: Add IDS validation with BCF output to IfcOpenShell with invaluable @aothms and others guidance as I'm still new to this.
Parsing and validation part is already completed (available on my fork branch) and now working on authoring and reporting. Both from code and web-app. Full list of features to be implemented is documented on IfcOpenShell/issues/1349. Initial prototype of authoring & validation webapp is hosted here:
Will also try to post progress in current thread.
Let me know if I can help you with anything related to IDS and I look forward to your feedback :)
* in simple terms: XML standard for information delivery requirements that is easy to present in both machine and human-readable form. Somehow similar to BIMTester, possibly will be integrated at some point. You can read more on the IDS standard on and find further technical details and examples on:



  • bSI has published an updated version of the IDS and an example file here:
    Main changes:

    • 1to1 requirements (all except restrictions/pattern matching) should be enclosed in tag
    • each specification needs 'necessity' attribute with 'required'/'optional' value. 'Optional' enables passing validation even if no applicable elements are present in the model.
    • improved 'xs:restrictions' for all the facets
  • @ATomczak do you think the time is ripe to do more BIMTester integration, perhaps connection with BCF, and with Gherkin syntax?

  • almost, still working on the new changes to the schema. But we can have a meeting this week and start integration. When it comes to BCF, currently we have an option to generate a report from the validation using BCF StreamHandler. It does not produce a viewpoint or reference to entities, just a title and description.

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