bSI presentation slots

As last time bSI is inviting everyone to submit presentation ideas again Last time the Dions FOSS presentation was at the top of everybody's wish list. IFCjs is already there :)



  • Surely a presentation of BlenderBIMs implementation of aspects of the IFC spec that have almost never been touched would be great. Also side notes on BlenderBIM for IFC based IDS defined model validation would be great ...

  • I agree. The native authoring bit + schema coverage would make a great presentation. @Moult thoughts?

    For the IfcOpenShell IDS implementation @ATomczak already put up a presentation idea. Votes to be cast here

  • I've been debating whether to present something, but the problem is simply time. I unfortunately take a long time to prepare presentations and this cuts out a good week of work that could've been spent elsewhere. For the past few months I've had a presentation every month or two, which has been quite draining.

    I tried to vote but kept on being asked to register. Anybody else succeeded in voting?

  • Anybody else succeeded in voting?

    Yes I managed (firefox).

    I unfortunately take a long time to prepare presentations

    I can relate to that. And I imagine the presentation you have scheduled is already quite a monster to prepare. If you want input or just a 2nd pair of eyes for that one you can always reach out.

  • Hmm, maybe the site doesn't like me. Oh well :( Ah yes I have to recall what I've just committed to ... just add it to the todo list I guess :)

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