Copying PSET values to multiple objects in Blender BIM

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Hi guys, just a quick question. Is there a way to copy the filled out values of a PSET from one object to another, similar to the match properties function in AutoCAD, for example?

What I'm currently doing is filling out the data for several prestressed concrete lintels which are virtually all the same (with Pset_BeamCommon & Pset_COBie, a custom PSET that I made) - but I'm having to do each one manually, which is quite time-consuming.

Loving the latest release; I'm building a large IFC and haven't ran into any bugs yet. Thanks and keep up the good work!



  • I'm pleasantly surprised that you haven't run into bugs yet, since it's only been a recent focus to get authoring "from scratch" working.

    The feature you're looking for used to exist, but no longer: - I'll get around to it!

    Note that if you have created your own Pset, you are not allowed to use the prefix "Pset_" as that is reserved by buildingSMART. Also note that if possible psets should be assigned to the type, which are then "inherited" by default by the occurrences of the type. This may save you a bit of time.

  • @Moult

    Maybe it already exists in BlenderBIM and I haven't found it yet, but will there be a feature were you will be able to select objects in Blender using specific properties from the propertyset?

  • @Coen yes, check out the IFC Search panel.

  • Thanks for the info @Moult .
    My PSET is called "COBie" so I think it's ok. It's displaying correctly in BIM vision as you can see in the pic; the PSET under it is custom too, all working as intended.

    I've modelled a fairly large private dwelling in Blender with a basement, ground & first floor, garage, and a complex roof. I'm now in the process of creating the IFC (thus far I've only got the foundations and basement in). The model has a good mix of architectural and structural elements (so lots of objects) so it should be a thorough test of BlenderBIM's capabilities. I've been creating backups of the IFC every time I export in case of errors but so far that's been wholly unnecessary as I haven't encountered a single one. Really impressive stuff!

  • @glendaal I liked your picture so much I've added it to a new page on the wiki about COBie
    Anyone is very welcome to help improve that page

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