Help in objects configuration for better modeling workflow

Hi guys, good morning, I am bothering you to see if you can help me with some questions.

first.- I want to see if there is a way to configure the boolean object of my custom doors and windows, so that they work with the blenderbim "add opening" command.

And second.- There is a way to change part of the parameters of the "solidify modifier" that the dumb wall has, since it has in its configuration the "simple mode" with an offset of -1 , and doing modeling tests I have noticed it works better having it in "complex mode" with "thickness mode" in even and offset at 0 so that the wall has the center axis. and I would like these parameters to remain by default. This is not really that important, because setting up my first wall, I just copy the modifiers to the next ones and it works, but I wanted to know if it can or not.

I attach a couple of images to show what I mean, thanks a lot...


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    The add opening tool is simply a shortcut to add a boolean modifier. There isn't any magic behind it. You can apply it to any two objects.

    Can you ensure that "Calculate order" is enabled in your screw modifier? That would prevent the artifacts seen in the first screenshot.

    You are free to change the offset - a center offset doesn't work very well for walls at construction stage, though, where wall geometry should not intersect. If you remain convinced that it is still a useful option, I can turn it into a parameter when creating a dumb wall, so it is remembered when you create the next one by default.

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    First at all, thanks for the prompt reply @Moult

    And I tell you, I think I must have some detail in my blender or some bugs in it, because in the case of the booleans it does not work correctly when doing it in a manual way, the bodies are cut in a strange way, the blender has even closed when moving some dumb window or door already assigned to a dumb wall.

    And in the case of the strange wall, the option to calculate order of the screw modifier is assigned, but even so the geometry is distorted. In some cases is really awful.

    And in the last thing you told me about wall offset, to be honest, I only consider it that way because I regularly use walls with axes in the middle; for me it is easier to add an axis, dimensions and some other things, but I really do not think it is important to change the parameters, since it it work correctly as they currently have it configured. And if necessary changing them, is simple and fast do it manually.

  • Boolean in blender can be tricky, you have to ensure there is no "coplanar" geometry between wall and hole, so the hole must be thicker than wall.

  • @Darth_Blender if you share your file, we can help figure out exactly what the issue might be :)

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    Thanks to both of you for your comments, it were very helpful in finding the answers to what was wrong with my file.

    As you said @stephen_l the booleans are conflicting in some cases, i do some research, and found the error was mine by not correctly placing the geometry so that they would interact as they should be. But I already learned how to do it right.

    Also, @Moult the problem that blender crashes when I moved dumb windows on dumb walls, was solved by updating my laptop and the graphics card drivers.

    And from what I learned from what I investigated, I understood that I was making the mistake of using a single base mesh for all my walls, and that is why the solify modifier went crazy with the walls and generated strange figures. But it is very easy do it in this way because using tools like extrude, fill, knife, move, etc, i draw very fast a whole floor.

    And here I bother you again asking, what would be a correct drawing method within blender? Use one base for exterior walls, another for interior walls? Does blenderbim affect working with the axes at the center or is it indifferent?


  • @Darth_Blender the BlenderBIM Add-on doesn't care how geometry is created :) To it, all geometry is the same.

    Oh, except for modeling with curves in Blender. Curves are hard.

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    Hi guys, here i am again looking someone can help me with feedback and advice about python in blender.

    Here i go with my problem, i am trying made some tasks automatically into blender and put it in a button or in a keyboard shortcut, but and don't know nothing about programming. In the blender text editor I have already managed to stack the commands of the tasks that I want to execute and in the order that I think they should go, and when I run the script (if you can refer to it in this way because it doesn't have any programming) all works fine, but is weird go between work space's just for run this pseudo script.

    The idea behind this is do a basic set tools for Architectural design for me, selecting a simple mesh and convert it on a slab or wall (it is the BlenderBim's dumbwall but from a mesh)

    Then, i have a lot questions with no answer in the moment:

    ¿what I have done works to make it viable to put my script in a button?
    if the answer is yes then, ¿how could i do it?

    if the answer it no, then ¿does it need to be properly encoded with python?, in this case: ¿what can you advise to me?

    Obviously the first step its learn python (i am currently watch some videos an research about it), but can you recommend any documentation for read or web pages to visit? with stuff like blender python for dummies :P

    In your experience, ¿how should I get started in the python world? for blender specifically
    this is a have already and thanks for any help

  • woooooowwwww.
    This is exactly was i looking for, very greatful for you support @bitacovir and @Moult :D

  • Hi guys, months ago I used the blenderbim plugin a few times and had already managed to do some things, like generate 2d images of a model. But I could not continue learning to use it for multiple reasons, now that I have had some time to restart it, update to the latest version of blender (2.92) and blender bim (blender28-bim-210404-py37-win) and I get the following error when trying to use the create drawing button: Python:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Users\ronal\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\blenderbim\bim\", line 574, in execute
    File "C:\Users\ronal\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\blenderbim\bim\", line 191, in cut
    File "C:\Users\ronal\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.92\scripts\addons\blenderbim\bim\", line 330, in create_section_box
    top_left_corner = gp.gp_Pnt(
    NameError: name 'gp' is not defined

    location: :-1

    And, if a use the create drawing 2.0 the image is empty

    some advice for me?, and sorry the bad English

  • @Darth_Blender drawing generation is going to be completely reworked, see - as a result, treat all drawing features as broken and a work in progress for now. Sorry :(

  • Thanks Dion, I will wait anxiously for them to work again. :D

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