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Hi everybody,
I'd like to use BimTester in Blenderbim. I went to github but now it's too difficult for me. Then i went here but it seems to be not updated to current version. Can someone explain me which input i've to insert ?

If i will be able to succed i will be very glad to write a short tutorial to help people understand the workflow.
Thanks everybody.


  • Yes, it has not been updated. Right now, you point the feature file input field at your foo.feature file. You can leave custom steps blank if you don't have any custom step definitions (e.g. you are using the out of the box exchange requirement templates).

    Some of the templates have also been updated to use "quotes" around user inputs, so if you notice some unrecognised tests after running BIMTester, try adding quotes in the exchange requirement sentences. I haven't yet updated the wiki about this.

    Btw @bernd have you had a chance to play with the updated version?

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    ATM I am owerwhelmed with work. Som more patience is needed here.

    The good news. I have started to use latest bimtester before update in a real world environment on a daily basis. It runs automaticlly on any created model. Once it runs with a few more tests I need, I will start hacking on the updated version with the aim to use this one.

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    Thanks for answering,
    I've used this feature file

    After pressing "Execute BimTestr" the browser popped out with nothing.
    Thi is the error:

    Where am i wrong? Thanks

  • @Bimlooser fantastic if you'd like to help with some documentation. Since BlenderBIM is so new and things change a lot maybe you'd like to arrange and record a little tutorial with one of our experts on BIMTester? I'd love to see that.

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    @Bimlooser apologies, the documentation is outdated. I have now updated the Wiki: and updated the tutorial. In the future, there are plans to tie the code definitions to auto generated docs and a web app (see for a mockup), so there will be less mistakes and effort required to maintain these particular wiki pages.

    The line "The IFC file ... must be provided" is now obsolete, as you specify the IFC when running BIMTester. Just remove that line. The line "IFC data must use the IFC2X3 schema" must have "IFC2X3" in quotes, so it reads:

     * IFC data must use the "IFC2X3" schema

    There was a bit of work done in standardising this so that all user configurable variables are in double quotes to ensure that it is clear what is part of the template and what is customised for the project.

  • @Moult thanks for the update, no apologies required from such a revolutionary man like you and the entire community. Maybe i found a little imprecision in the wiki page:
    I tried again but unfortunately i recieved the same error when the web page pops up: no tests appear.
    Btw i will try again, if someone have some suggestion to give me will appreciate so much.
    Thanks again

  • @Bimlooser if you're available, can you join the OSArch Live Chat and ping me there? I'll probably need to screenshare to debug your issue. I consider it a high priority to fix it.

  • Unfortunately now I'm in the bed cause it's 1:27 a.m. here in italy. Can i try next days? if i find you and you are available there is no problem for me. Thanks again

  • @Bimlooser sure thing. I'm generally online during the Sydney timezone during waking hours!

  • @Bimlooser great news! One of our new Google Summer of Code students HarshAgarwal helped debug and fix the issue which I suspect you're running into. In short, I completely forgot to compile and bundle Babel language files in the BlenderBIM Add-on. There should be a build up in the next day or so which contains the fix!

  • Great news!! I'll wait for the next BlenderBim release. Thanks for your time and i'll let you know after the installation

  • It works. Thanks everybody.

    In your opinion, having a very low programming knowledges, how can i try to create my own test?

  • @Bimlooser either you can learn some programming (it's not hard! Just begin here: ), or you can ask us here and we'll write something, and you can tweak it.

    There is also a work in progress for a new standard for defining simple requirements that does not require programming knowledge called IDS, and a student for GSoC has proposed to help build in a web-based authoring system to create this requirements. So I guess if you wait a while (maybe a few months) this should become available. If this interests you, you should definitely get in touch as a tester!

  • @Moult Thanks for the link, my aim is to learn some programming (i'll start from the wiki page) and be a tester. Let me know how can i help.

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