AEC Conference on data driven and open source tech

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Hello everyone here!

At Speckle, we're organizing a conference for engineers, designers, BIM managers, hackers, and anyone interested in modern solutions, open-source, and data-driven processes for the AEC industry.
Leading startups, experts, and vendors in the space will provide insights on how to bring existing workflows to the 21st century and run hands-on workshops.

Hence my post here, would anyone want to present and introduce the OSArch community?
Alternatively, we'd be also happy to host presentations on specific software / projects / workflows etc.
The dates are 19-21 October, the event will be online and 100% free.
Just ping me and we can discuss additional details!

(Very WIP banner)



  • Looks great, we should do everything we can to support it! I would suggest we present OSArch as an organization and any project as a project in their own right. I hope we can keep promoting OSArch as a place people can gather while we have different relationships with different projects.

    @teocomi can we chat about details here? Maybe I or someone could present the OSArch community and a few others can make short introductions to their projects. How does that sound? Maybe something like a 6 projects in 60 minutes with the first 10 minutes as an intro to OSArch and our aims? We could arrange a quick chat to hash out some clearer details.

  • I think that's a great idea! Ideally, we can keep the total presentation time to ~45, and the rest for questions:

    • 10min intro OSArch
    • 6x5min projects
    • remaining time for questions
      If you think it's too tight we can always break it down into two sessions. Happy to chat about it!
      Cc @dimitrie
  • A couple of obvious projects to talk about could be BlenderBIM addon( @Moult ) , Topologic ( @topologic ), Homemaker ( @brunopostle ) , FreeCAD BIM Workbench ( @bitacovir ) - anyone got other suggestions? I know we're talking about veyr short presentations, but a pre-recorded 5 minute informal presentation is hopefully achievable.

  • Hello everyone, quick update: we've announced the event and are looking to finalize the various sessions by the end of next week.
    Would love to showcase OSArch and some cool OS projects!

  • Awesome! So sorry for not replying earlier, been swamped. If I understand right, @duncan can present an introduction to OSArch? Looking forward to it, and happy to give a short 5 minutes on the BlenderBIM Add-on if need be. Let me know the details, when, format or live, etc.

  • @teocomi Hi, so we finally discussed what we want to present, but now I see the event is already fixed, are we too late? The idea was there would be a short live introduction to OSArch (who we are and so on) followed by 4-5 five minutes pre-recorded presentations about our member's projects. (if @Moult finds time he does his live) @Duncan is apparently busy those days, so he asked me to do the introduction.
    Do you think we could still fit in somewhere or is the schedule full now?

  • Yes, we can still fit you guys in!
    Let's continue the convo by email & thanks for your interest :)

  • Yeah, sorry guys. Work is crazy and there are some employment contract issues here causing extra headaches. Hope I can check in later and offer my help @JanF

  • No worries, hope that gets resolved soon, sounds like a big PITA :/

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