A Call for Projects to Fund via OSArch's Open Collective Site

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As many of you know, we recently created a funding platform on Open Collective: https://opencollective.com/osarch

Here the community can fund OSArch in general, and/or fund specific projects directly. To just get the ball rolling, the steering committee choose to post the following (2) projects.

Going forward, however, we would like the community to propose and decide which projects we could post there in the future.

This discussion thread is dedicated to making that happen.

If you have a project proposal you'd like to see posted on our Open Collective platform please make your proposal as a reply to this post.

We ask you, however, to...

  • Keep your proposal concise, under 200 words and only two images max.

    • Keeping it concise so it will not overwhelm this thread with too many details--allowing others to quickly review your project idea and later vote on it. Feel free, however, to provide url links in your description to further details.
  • Please post projects that have a tight, atomized scope of work.

    • A tight delineated scope will allow us to determine when the project is done, and when the funds should be distributed to the author(s).
  • Please keep it to (1)project per (1)reply.

    • At the end of your proposal include a link to a dedicated thread for discussing your proposal. Please do not reply with a comment about a project posted here. If you'd like to comment on a project, please go to the relevant discussion thread. We will delete any replies that are not specific project proposals.
  • If you want, refine your proposal over time

    • If you get some good comments about your proposal from discussion elsewhere, please feel free to update and refine your original proposal by simply editing the original post.
  • Please consider the following points (pulled from our funding mission) when formatting your proposal. That's okay, if your proposal doesn't apply to all of them. Does the project....

    • avoid duplication of effort?

      • That is, will the project's code base integrate with existing projects instead of creating its own separate, but similar, solution.
    • support interoperability?

      • That is, will the project support, extend and/or create open exchange standards between separate software.
    • extend an existing technology with a broad and distributed contributor base?

    • make a measurable contribution to the industry?
  • If you are proposing a project that you, yourself plan on working on, please provide a minimal amount of funding, in US dollars, you would need to help make the project a reality. We ask this, in order to make the project more realistic and attainable.

We will keep this discussion thread going until the end of October. After which, the steering committee will take those projects that have demonstrated support, as well as represent OSArch's funding mission, and make a project shortlist.

This shortlist will be transferred (copy and pasted) to another post on the forum where the community can make their final voting. Voting will last a week.

If you having any ideas on how to improve this process of making funding proposals, and ultimately how we vote on them, please offer your comments here .



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