Live Projects - an exploration. :)

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@bruno_perdigao and I are trying our hand on using BlenderBIM on a real project.
The project is small and simple--a barebone permit set for a clothing shop.
If anyone's curious, our project chatroom will be here, and the repo is here.
Through this project we're looking to explore.

  • general 2d documentation
  • massaging and creating custom title sheets, stylesheets, templates, etc.
  • using a LIDAR scan of the existing space, and converting it manually to a BIM model
  • explore using @brunopostle's ifc-git plugin to work concurrently on the 'same model'--through merging and revision tracking.
  • explore pulling content in from OpeningDesign's revit template, via IFC.

Wish us luck. :)
Happy to take any suggestions or fun little pull requests if you'd like to suggest a tweak to the model.

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