Creative Freedom Summit January 2024 call for proposals

Hey all! Creative Freedom Summit has a call for proposals (25min or 50min virtual event sessions).

I've submitted one with the intention of doing a much more informal, live demo type session as opposed to the manicured 20-slides per second scripted presentations I usually do.

What do you reckon @yorik about presenting about FreeCAD and maybe @brunopostle (IFC Git? Homemaker?) or @topologic ?

Free software and open data standards in architecture, engineering, and construction

A short, informal demonstration of using free software IfcOpenShell and the BlenderBIM Add-on to design, engineer, construct, and operate our built environment. You will see:

  • What, what? Blender is used in the construction of nuclear power plants?
  • What do open data structures look like for architects, engineers, construction professionals and facility operators.
  • What free software options are out there, what we're good at, what we're not so good at, and where we're headed.

Looking for those curious about / new to free software in the AECO industry as an interactive session. Only 10 minutes of casual slides, and 15 minutes of live demo + live Q&A.



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