Creative Freedom Summit January 2024 call for proposals

Hey all! Creative Freedom Summit has a call for proposals (25min or 50min virtual event sessions).

I've submitted one with the intention of doing a much more informal, live demo type session as opposed to the manicured 20-slides per second scripted presentations I usually do.

What do you reckon @yorik about presenting about FreeCAD and maybe @brunopostle (IFC Git? Homemaker?) or @topologic ?

Free software and open data standards in architecture, engineering, and construction

A short, informal demonstration of using free software IfcOpenShell and the BlenderBIM Add-on to design, engineer, construct, and operate our built environment. You will see:

  • What, what? Blender is used in the construction of nuclear power plants?
  • What do open data structures look like for architects, engineers, construction professionals and facility operators.
  • What free software options are out there, what we're good at, what we're not so good at, and where we're headed.

Looking for those curious about / new to free software in the AECO industry as an interactive session. Only 10 minutes of casual slides, and 15 minutes of live demo + live Q&A.



  • @Moult I'll help in any way I can

  • @brunopostle what do you think about presenting yourself? I think there's a huge amount of content to discuss around Git for designers vs programmers, Git for large but meaningful text, visualising changes and merges, the various intricacies and nuances of Git's implementation... you're the best person to talk about it :)

  • I can, especially if you are overbooked. I'm not very good at demoing BlenderBIM in general, but I can show the Git features

  • @Moult intending to do a proposal on git for designers, can I see your proposal so I'm not overlapping?

  • @brunopostle awesome! My proposal is in the original post. I will be sure not to mention Git at all.

  • @Moult oh so it is 🙄, proposal done.

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