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    @brunopostle to upgrade, it is a requirement to uninstall the old add-on version before installing the new one. I believe the "Remove" button in the Blender Add-ons settings does this without the need to manually wipe the add-ons folder. I should document this process clearer.

    Edit: this "cleaner" process was only introduced a few versions ago, if you had an old BlenderBIM Add-on installed once-upon-a-time, that could create the behaviour you experienced, and so yes, the way is to wipe the add-ons dir. Hopefully it shouldn't reoccur in future releases ever since I've cleaned up the add-on packaging process.

    Good to hear it works :)

  • @moult, I'm wary of submitting IFC files that don't import as this is likely my own fault.
    However, this IFC example imports ok with default settings, but fails with the new Import Native Representations enabled, error is:

    AttributeError: entity instance of type 'IfcProductRepresentation' has no attribute 'ShapeOfProduct'

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    @Moult what causes it becomes fat? 165MB?
    Also, I deleted the old addon and closed and opened Blender, then installed the latest version, but even after multiple times closing and opening Blender it gives error when I want enable it

  • @brunopostle will take a look :) Likely a bug with the new unstable feature.

    @ReD_CoDE it's been about that size for a while now, mostly due to OpenCascade being bundled for documentation features. The OpenCascade may also some with some Qt, which is huge. I'm relying on precompiled binaries to distribute it, so in the future with better infrastructure I'll be able to shrink the filesize drastically. There is also an option of providing an install without all of that, which should drop the filesize to be about 30MB I suspect (IfcOpenShell is 20MB), and have users optionally install it if they want to use those particular features, which are quite separate from the rest of the features.

    You probably had an old BlenderBIM Add-on install from a long time ago too. Go to your scripts addons dir, and clear it out (but keep Archipack, I see). Newer versions shouldn't have this issue.


  • I have tried re-installing although I keep getting this error. I am using blender 2.82 and windows 10 64-bit.

  • @blenderuser1991 that error looks unrelated to installation, it looks specific to your file. Would you mind sharing your IFC file (it looks like you're trying to import) with me ( for end-to-end encryption, and ) for debugging? Naturally, I will not reshare your file and will only use it for the purposes of debugging.

  • @brunopostle - I had a look... you are using IfcProductRepresentation, which is abstract in IFC4, and not "allowed" in IFC2X3:

    IFC2x Edition 3 NOTE Users should not instantiate the entity IfcProductRepresentation from IFC2x Edition 3 onwards. It will be changed into an ABSTRACT supertype in future releases of IFC.

    Just change it to IfcProductDefinitionShape and that might help :)

  • @Moult said:
    @brunopostle - I had a look... you are using IfcProductRepresentation, which is abstract in IFC4, and not "allowed" in IFC2X3:
    Just change it to IfcProductDefinitionShape and that might help :)

    Thanks, writing valid IFC files is like playing whack-a-mole, but with hydras instead of moles, and with the rules cunningly hidden in such a way that you could play for a thousand years without finding them.

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    Blender gives you the flexibility to recreate a personalised BlenderBIM environment. Maybe it's not priority, but in the future it would be nice if BlenderBIM had its own workspace in Blender: with a tab at the top of the screen and a pre-setup layout of windows. Maybe the 3D window with a setup of color and lighting, or image as background, suitable for a nice visualisation of architecture models. Something like these arrangements:

  • This has been discussed before. It is a good idea, and I believe there are a few prerequisites to execute it effectively. Firstly, myself, @kcress and @stephen_l are slowly ensuring that our add-ons are compatible with each other. Then, with the help of @stephen_l - he will help build another add-on, which has the function as a "package", which will allow a user to quickly set-up Blender with a series of related add-ons to give all of the BIM / CAD functionality they expect, from CAD snapping, Archipack, Dimensioning and sheets, BIM, GIS, and parametric behaviour. This one-click setup will allow users to immediately get a very powerful package rather than have to manage and track separately many different add-ons.

    One that's there, we are start optimising the UI to create a unified package. There has been discussion about how to do this effectively, looking at Blender app templates.

    At the moment, we're still at step 1 :)

  • BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200722 has been released with nearly 50 new features and fixes. The BlenderBIM Add-on is 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

    Highlights include IFC person / organisation management, new quantity take off calculation tools, improved BIMTester for BIM auditing, and improved recording of design constraints and intentions.

    New features:

    • Objects now have an IFC class assignment panel for convenience
    • New "unassign class" to convert from a BIM object to non-BIM
    • Improved absolute coordinate import from DDS-CAD based IFCs
    • You can now remove a representation subcontext
    • Object proxying now works in a simplified manner, letting you directly reference Blender files with high poly geometry
    • New UI to manage IFC constraints
    • You can now export IFC constraints based on the UI, making the older CSV definitions obsolete
    • You can now assign constraints to individual objects and export them
    • New UI for managing and creating IfcPeople
    • New UI for managing and creating IfcOrganisation
    • Support invalid grids coming from Revit
    • Support import of triangular grids
    • Support export of IfcSpatialElementTypes
    • You can now export IFC2X3 "Style" classes in IFC4
    • IfcOpenShell utilities now comes with geolocation functions
    • All aggregates are now grouped in their own collection for convenience
    • No need to manually select types for collections when exporting
    • New feature when producing documentation, to recut the entire model or only selected objects
    • Materials assigned to portions of an object no longer need to be using object links
    • Support export of IfcPositioningElements
    • You can now define an owner history from your collection of people and organisations, or have no history at all
    • New feature to allow users to profile the import procedure
    • BIMTester UI updated to new Gherkin conventions
    • The IfcOpenShell selector utility now supports selecting COBie classes as its own selector
    • IfcObjective constraints are now imported
    • TK interface for BIMTester has been removed
    • Quantity UI now provides manual calculation buttons for generating lengths, areas, and volumes
    • You can now export a mesh edge for structural curve members
    • The geometry type data field now supports "None", if it has no body representation
    • New feature to automatically calculate quantities during export
    • Allow for wildcard expansion in IFCCSV exports, allowing you to export a series of properties belonging to the same set
    • Failed BIMTester tests now have improved error reporting
    • BIMTester test reporting is now super sexy
    • BIMTester can now be run without packaging as a simple library
    • BIMTester can now be run from the Blender UI
    • BIMTester can now audit predefined types

    New fixes:

    • Booleaned native objects will fall back to non-native import to support it
    • Fix bug where a slot without materials won't export
    • Fix bug where some absolute coordinates would not properly be converted to local coordinates
    • IFCPatch ResetAbsoluteCoordinates has improved absolute coordinate handling
    • Allow for empty data in non-mandatory georeferencing data
    • Fix incorrect dimension export of rectangle profiles
    • Scaled curve bevel objects are now properly exported
    • Invalid psets now are no longer exported with empty relationships
    • Fix bug where imported materials with the same name as an existing material could be incorrectly assigned
    • Fix bug where IfcOpenShell selector utility was just broken
    • Fix bug where truncated material names can cause import failure
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  • Yay! The screenshot looks cool! With preset Eevee render engine features in Blender, BIM modelling could have real time texture materials visualisation on elements from the very beginning of the design process.

  • BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200810 has been released with another 50 new features and fixes. The BlenderBIM Add-on is 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

    Highlights include new graphical interfaces for IFC COBie and IFC Patch. New IFC optimisation feature. Specify exchange requirements with BIMTester with improved auditing features. New quantity take-off tools.

    New features:

    • Better command line interface for IFC COBie tool
    • IFC COBie now no longer creates CSVs if you only need an XLSX file
    • IFC COBie now supports the ODS format, as well as XLSX and CSV, for more interoperability
    • New GUI in the BlenderBIM Add-on to run IFC COBie
    • IFC Patch can now be used as a library as well as a CLI
    • New support for pythonocc-core 7.4.0
    • BIMTester now colour codes undefined/unspecified test lines
    • Check BIM project exchange requirements with the newly published "Project setup" MicroMVD
    • Check BIM project exchange requirements with the newly published "Geolocation" MicroMVD
    • IfcOpenShell utility module now lets you convert true north angles and IFC geolocation vectors
    • Improved documentation on what dependencies are used by the BlenderBIM Add-on
    • Check BIM project exchange requirements with the newly published "Element classes" MicroMVD
    • BIMTester can now explicitly audit NULL attributes and properties
    • New export support for IfcSweptDiskSolid for curves with no bevel profile geometry
    • Blank qto names are accomodated in invalid IFCs
    • When absolute coordinates are offset during an import, the offset is now recorded
    • Allow keyboard shortcuts for both import and export
    • Dimensions from MeasureIt-Arch addon are now supported in SVG drawing export
    • New feature to visualise IFC Diff changes
    • IfcOpenShell util.element.get_psets() now supports IfcComplexProperty
    • New IfcOpenShell utility function to replace attributes from one to another entity
    • New IFC Patch recipe to losslessly compress / optimise IFCs by recycling non-rooted elements, benchmarked with results similar to Solibri Optimiser (results may be slightly smaller or greater depending on the iterations run)
    • New UI in Blender to run IFC Patch recipes graphically
    • Check BIM project exchange requirements with the newly published "Geocoding" MicroMVD
    • New IFC Patch recipe to merge two IFC-SPF files into a single file
    • Quantity take-off tool now allows calculation of the depth (e.g. of an IfcSlab)
    • Quantity take-off tool now allows calculation of perimeter (e.g. of an IfcSlab)
    • Cleaned up object properties UI by splitting psets, qto, and structural relationships into their own panel
    • New quantity take-off utility to get the total length of selected edges
    • New support to import the area and volume unit settings of an IFC
    • When calculating quantities, they are now auto-converted into IFC project settings instead of metric units only
    • IFC CSV can now export type relationships
    • Simplfy GlobalId generation by automating it on attribute addition, and providing an inline refresh button
    • New quantity take-off utility to get the total area of selected faces
    • New quantity take-off utility to get the total volume of selected objects
    • New modeling utility to quickly add IfcOpeningElement relationships
    • Non-node-based materials now have support for transparency
    • IfcOpenShell updated, providing greater stability and geometric support for imports
    • IfcOpenShell Python now lets you check by_type() excluding subclasses
    • New support for exporting the latest IfcJSON format, with options for version 4 and version 5a, and compact / non-compact variants
    • Add a new blank material for use in generating drawings
    • Check BIM project exchange requirements with the newly published "Classifications" MicroMVD

    New fixes:

    • Fix bug where IFC COBie fails on empty names of related objects from assemblies
    • Fix bug where IFC Clash would not run as a CLI, but only within Blender
    • Fix bug where IFC CSV incorrectly stores boolean data types
    • Fix bug where long, duplicate, material names fail to import
    • Fix bug where IFC2X3 files may not have coordinates reset properly when an IFC file has absolute coordinates
    • Fix import bug when getting a geometry type of an object with no representation attribute, like IfcGridAxis
    • Add shebangs, so that all CLI utilities can now be more reliably run on all systems
    • Fix import issue where some negative material IDs fail to import
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  • @Moult this release motivated me again, good job

  • The Addams Family's Mansion? XD

  • ArvArv
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    @Moult new features and updates looks very cool. i am stuck at blender28-bim-200525 for mac and not been able to update beyond that. i get the error message of ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'ifcopenshell.util'.
    saw the post from @brunopostle to wipe off the addon folder. does this mean to delete the blenderbim folder inside the addon folder? deleting the blenderbim folder alone didnt work for me.

  • @Arv This sounds like an issue of upgrading from a very old version of the add-on.

    Old versions of the add-on was not packaged cleanly - this mean that there were some files that “spilled” outside the add-ons dir. These need to be cleaned up prior to upgrade.

    Try this - go into your add-ons dir, and look for any of these files (not inside the blenderbim folder):

    lib/ # Note: this generally only exists on MacOS and Linux

    If you see them, delete them. Then see it that helps. Subsequent upgrades will not have this problem any more.

  • @iosvarms take a look at what blenderbim (see above release notes) can do for quantity surveying/takeoff. I think FreeCAD tables/schedules can also do some things.

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    This is the ONE YEAR MILESTONE RELEASE of the BlenderBIM Add-on! We're releasing v0.0.200829 with 70 new features and fixes. 389 people have taken the pledge for a more ethical built environment. It's our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

    Highlights include improved IFC annotation and drawing generation, new quick architectural modeling tools, create schedules from IFCs, customised COBie outputs, and optimised IFC exports.

    New features:

    • All CPU cores are now used for shapes in drawings generated from IFC. This leads to much faster drawing creation!
    • Users can now specify what objects should be cut in documentation with either a custom rule or with presets.
    • Adding a new representation subcontext when you haven't yet defined a body auto-adds a body subcontext and clones the mesh
    • New button for the camera to quickly open the relevant drawing
    • Export now has an automatic bounding box representation being generated
    • New dumb wall geometry creator tool
    • New dumb stair geometry creator tool
    • New dumb door geometry creator tool
    • New dumb slab geometry creator tool
    • New dumb window geometry creator tool
    • 2D representations now support IfcIndexedPolyCurve so instead of just 2D curves you can have full 2D wireframes
    • New utility to quickly set object colours
    • New interface to manage different drawing styles
    • Drawing styles can now remember basic rendering settings and let you switch between them
    • New highly experimental DXF2IFC conversion script
    • Managing drawings now is done in a list instead of a dropdown for user convenience
    • You can now pick the vector CSS style and save it as a drawing style
    • Support for importing IfcGrid itself, not just the individual axes.
    • Importing IfcGridAxis now retain their UVW assignment and can store attributes
    • Support exporting IfcGrid and IfcGridAxis with all of its relationships
    • New grid creator tool for convenience
    • Doors now can have 2D annotation representation subcontext symbols auto generated
    • Windows now can have 2D annotation representation subcontext symbols auto generated
    • New button to edit the CSS style within Blender itself for convenience
    • Drawing styles can now store element filters to include / exclude elements in drawings
    • More robust footprint area calculation, specifically targeting better results for IfcSpace
    • Selecting multiple objects now lets you guess / fill out quantity sets in bulk
    • Enforce directories when selecting a MicroMVD for BIMTester for convenience
    • You can now purge project-specific IfcClassification hierarchies
    • Newly impored IfcClassification hierarchy for a project will show up immediately
    • IFC COBie will now launch the log as well as the spreadsheet when converting from IFC to spreadsheet
    • New more user friendly UI for sheet creation
    • Exports now auto detect curve / wireframe representations, so you no longer need to classify it manually
    • Native element support for importing IfcCircleProfileDef
    • Preset titleblock template now has a white background
    • You can now convert generated sheets to PDFs on the fly
    • New UI to manage schedules and link them to ODS spreadsheets (yes, this spreadsheet data can be generated from IFC too)
    • You can now convert an ODS spreadsheet into a vector schedule to be included on a sheet
    • Schedules can now be added to sheets
    • At export-time, the exported IFC is automatically considered for drawing generation, for convenience
    • You can now override the default COBie definition of a maintainable asset for both objects and object types
    • You can now specify custom IFC attribute mappings for COBie spreadsheet views
    • Support exporting tessellated polygonal face sets for much more efficient file sizes! (Suzanne shrinks from 84kb to 44kb)
    • Improve error reporting for BIMTester when it audits a list of IFC attributes
    • New dumb opening geometry creator tool
    • Native element support for exporting IfcCircleProfileDef
    • Grids in drawings now read from IfcGridAxis AxisTag attribute when available
    • Types are now automatically categorised in the project tree when assigned for the first time
    • Support IFC2X3 classification EditionDate CalenderDates
    • New utility to extract all IFC documentation for all COBie-defined maintainable assets
    • New utility to extract all relevant entity and enum descriptions from the IFC documentation
    • Creating drawing sheets now understand templates in any CSS unit
    • All SVG scales now are standardised to a human unit with improved spacing and placement.
    • Views are now placed within the titleblock border by default
    • Support for all known ODF units when creating schedules from different spreadsheet applications
    • Add support for imperial drawing scales
    • Add support for custom defined drawing scales
    • Add support for custom titleblocks
    • New preset title blocks for A1, A2, and A3 paper sizes
    • Drawing boundaries can now have different aspect ratios
    • Annotation tools are now in the viewport instead of properties tab for easier access
    • Drawings can now be associated with an IFC geometric subcontext target view to guide the drawing generation process
    • You can now generate annotation references for IfcBuildingStoreys
    • Bumped IfcOpenShell build, resulting in more reliable geometry processing during imports

    New fixes:

    • Fix bug where parts of an aggregate are not placed relative to the whole in exports
    • Fix bug where some annotation tags won't extract data correctly from IFC
    • Fix bug where aggregate creation only works if the aggregate collection exists
    • Fix bug where predefined types were not correctly audited by BIMTester
    • Fix bug where mapped representations belonging to a context fails to import
    • Fix bug where disabling the add-on triggered a error message
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  • I like you every update. It looks like find an improvement giant for the AEC industry.

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    BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200912 has been released with 50 new features and fixes. It's our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

    Highlights include multiprocessing import by default, smoother workflows for drawing generation, and improved MicroMVDs for OSArch certified IFC outputs.

    Screenshot credits go to OpeningDesign's OpeningDetail project for open source construction detailing.

    New features:

    • Creating drawings now works with OpenGL render mode, allowing for better wireframe / hidden line rendering
    • New default site boundary CSS style
    • Multiprocessing is now enabled by default. It's probably stable enough, so let's test it even more!
    • You can now export to DXF automatically when creating sheets
    • Nested IfcSpaces can now be imported
    • Reloading IFCs now detects openings and projection changes, meaning it's more robust
    • You can now set the viewport shadow from the sun position angle, useful for solar analysis
    • You can now set the georeferenced north from the Blender sun position
    • 2D annotation now extracts from IFC files directly instead of Blender, and checks for bounding box intersection to determine which annotation to show
    • Switching cameras now also activates the correct drawing styles on the fly
    • You can now add arbitrary annotation to a drawing, not just from a set of presets
    • You can now store arbitrary IFC data (attributes, properties, quantities, and type relations) in the SVG data, per drawing style
    • You can now copy properties to selected object even if the property set doesn't exist yet
    • 3 new default hatch styles for square hatches
    • New hatch pattern for demolition
    • Show error message if attempting to add a drawing to a sheet that hasn't been generated yet
    • You can now export quantities related to a spatial element, not just non-spatial elements
    • New debug panel lets you create shapes per STEP ID, useful for analysis of IFC geometric data
    • Dumb walls are now based on vertices by default, not edges, for faster, dumber, walls :)
    • You no longer need to select the entire project when exporting. If you have nothing selected, everything is exported to IFC. If you select things, only selected items will export.
    • New feature lets you select high polygon meshes to help pinpoint why IFC files are so huge (looking at you, Revit!)
    • You can now switch between drawings with one click from the properties panel in the 3D view
    • The drawing list can now be manually refreshed in case you are manually creating drawings
    • Stroke linecaps are now rounded. Nicer looking drawings, you know.
    • The preset for cut objects for overall plans now includes IfcSpace, as it's quite common
    • Text annotations in drawings can now be rotated
    • If the active object is a camera, a new temporary section plane will now match the camera
    • Text annotation now supports storing classes and IFC metadata in the SVG, like all other objects
    • Drawing dimensions now have support for imperial unit formatting
    • BIMTester can now audit for high polygon IFC geometry
    • Implement new Model Federation MicroMVD in BIMTester
    • Drawing styles can now store settings for render type, outlines, shadows, and lighting
    • You can now add openings by selecting the filling element, not just the opening element, for convenience.
    • The plan representation context is now exported by default. Less steps for 2D documentation!
    • Add support for exporting site and building addresses for IfcSite and IfcBuilding
    • Remove some deprecated representation item operators in the mesh properties panel
    • Creating drawings is now much easier with less manual workarounds
    • Users can now specify their own app to open SVGs and PDFs
    • Bump to the latest IfcOpenShell, for more robust geometry processing

    New fixes:

    • Fix bug where adding text didn't work with the new scale system
    • Improved material name canonicalisation, which fixes some import failures
    • Fix bug where 2D annotation curves weren't probably exported
    • Fix bug where plan relative level annotations were not projected correctly onto drawings
    • Fix bug where enum properties wouldn't be exported
    • Fix inaccurate and incorrect conversion to imperial units in quantity take off
    • Fix bug where sometimes you can't add a representation context to an object
    • Fix incorrect auditing of geolocation MicroMVD in BIMTester
    • Fix bug where some shapes that use Blender modifiers are incorrectly detected as a wireframe
    • Fix incorrect auditing of geocoding MicroMVD in BIMTester
    • Fix bug where multiple presentation style assignments in IFC2X3 would get ignored in import
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    I think measureit-arch 4.5 addon is not compatible with blenderbim.

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    @swathi you need to use the latest version of MeasureIt-Arch, and ensure that the add-on dir is has an underscore between MeasureIt and the Arch word, not a dash. Ping @kcress .

  • I use this version of addon and I am getting this message

    But when I disable the Measure_it addon it is working

  • BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.201025 has been released with 33 new features and fixes. It's our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

    Highlights include improved IFC clash detection results, IFC CSV can now modify classes, and new basic set of visual programming nodes for IFC and Blender Sverchok.

    Screenshot credits go to Bruno Postle's Homemaker project.

    New features:

    • Exporting now sets the IFC file if unset for convenience
    • IFC CSV now supports modifying IFC classes
    • You can now set facet tolerances when importing
    • Experimental native roundtripping mode, for experimentation only, with style support
    • Visit wiki link in the add-on now points to specific BlenderBIM Add-on pages
    • Material property sets are now imported
    • IFCClash now optimistically skips coincident collisions, resulting in less false positives
    • Increased maximum contact threshold for IFC Clash allows clash detection to work for larger projects
    • IFC clash now uses iterator when a filter is specified for faster clashing
    • Auto add owner histories when the user exports IFC2X3 if none is specified
    • Classification trees are now stored in the Blend file, increasing portabilty of project data
    • 16 New IFC visual programming nodes for Sverchok, including:
    • Read IFC node
    • Create IFC node
    • Write IFC node
    • Create Entity node
    • By ID node
    • By Guid node
    • By Type node
    • By Query node
    • Select Blender Objects node
    • Create Shape node
    • IFC Add node
    • IFC Remove node
    • Generate IFC Guide node
    • Read entity node
    • Get property node
    • Get attribute node

    New fixes:

    • Fix bug where spatial elements with a representation would import twice
    • Fix bug where box representations don't respect project units
    • Fix IFC clash bug where spatial elements are unaffected by user filters
    • Fix bug where you can't export if a classification is only applied to a type or spatial element
    • Fix export bug where you can't export if project units aren't explicitly set
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  • BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.201115 has been released with 52 new features and fixes. It's our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

    Highlights include improved material and presentation layer support, improved geolocation support, and many more vendor workarounds.

    New features:

    • New import model offset workaround for Bentley ProStructures
    • Implement workaround when importing invalid aggregates from Bentley ProStructures
    • You can now specify user coordinates to the ResetAbsoluteCoordinates recipe
    • The ResetAbsoluteCoordinates now attempts to avoid changing placements but only focuses on geometry coordinates, preventing coordinate double ups in tricky patching situations
    • Support importing IFC2X3 documentation information & reference dates, times, and file format mimetypes
    • The validator now validates whether you are using abstract IFC classes
    • Auto set file format settings when creating drawings in case you are doing your own renders as well
    • Add support for multiple dimension objects per view
    • New ability to round to nearest X for metric and imperial units
    • New drop down UI to select area and volume units (thanks theoryshaw!)
    • Log error in case users try to export an abstract class
    • Coding style standardised to help onboard new developers (thanks htlcnn!)
    • Add support for case insensitive file units when importing
    • New interface to manage presentation layers (e.g. CAD layers) in IFC (thanks Krande!)
    • You can now add / delete attributes in bulk by selecting multiple prior to adding
    • New utility class for Python coders to query which psets / qtos apply to an IFC class
    • You can now add / delete psets in bulk
    • You can now add / delete qtos in bulk
    • Add tooltips describing how to set external commands in preferences window
    • Improve intuitiveness of reassigning the IFC class of the active object
    • New IfcPatch recipe to extract elements into a separate IFC
    • New UI for material, material layer / constituent / profile set management
    • You can now convert from global to local coordinates
    • New category for IFC export workarounds for RIB iTwo costing program
    • New IFC workaround to export only triangulated geometry to Navisworks
    • IfcSverchok "By Type" node now has a dropdown UI to help select classes
    • You can now export attributes of the material layer set and constituent set itself
    • BIMTester is now more forgiving to run from any directory (thanks berndhahnebach!)
    • New IFC inspector interface to help debug, inspect IFC data, and be a teaching aid for IFC
    • IFC inspector supports expanding attribute lists and following a breadcrumb trail of nested references
    • Add import support for all attributes of the material layer set and constituent set itself
    • Support exporting more label metadata for material profile sets
    • Improved export support for presentation layers which assigns to representations (thanks Krande!)
    • New import support for presentation layers
    • Deprecated IFC material lists are now auto upgraded into constituent sets
    • Types with no geometry can now have material data imported
    • New workaround for incorrectly geolocated Revit files to auto detect the geolocation
    • Blender materials are now clearly consolidated into either materials or styles
    • New UI to manage material property sets instead of needing to use external CSV files
    • IFCCSV now continues executing even though it fails to change an attribute
    • IFCCSV now skips GlobalIds it cannot find
    • Now materials that aren't also used as a styled item can be exported independently
    • New IfcOpenShell, with many new bugfixes

    New fixes:

    • Fix bug where attributes wouldn't import for some IFC classes
    • Fix bug where non uniform translations of spatial elements are exported with strange transformations
    • Fix error message when you switch drawing styles and a style it was referencing was deleted
    • Fix bug where Views wasn't allowed to be in the IfcProject which prevented round-tripping
    • Don't crash if you get invalid IFCs with missing attributes (thanks aothms!)
    • Fix bug where setting north angle from a geolocated IFC was wrong
    • Fix BIMTester error when creating a report with empty steps (thanks berndhahnebach!)
    • Fix bug where importing multiple grids with the same name fails
    • Fix bug where a styled item could be incorrectly assigned if an element has more than one context
    MeetlatbitacovirJanFJesusbillReD_CoDECGRduncanhtlcnncarlopaviosvarmsand 3 others.
  • Great work, a new Technical WIP Demo would be appreciated

  • Nice!!!! Cool with layers!

  • @CGR said:
    Nice!!!! Cool with layers!

    I'm not happy about this. Does anyone know why do layers exist in ifc? One of the few things I really like about Revit is that they dared to drop layers.

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