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I thought I might try and record some mini demo videos on how parts of the BlenderBIM Add-on works, because it is quite feature-packed and can be quite daunting. Also, recording videos is faster than writing documentation :)

Feel free to check it out - here's the first to do with section planes, which is today's new feature.

... or proprietary if webtorrent is blocked on your network:

Oh and if you want Blender to have native section planes in OpenGL solid mode, vote here:



  • Excellent !! Thanks @Moult !

  • Great, works for me here:

  • Excellent!! is it all done with standard blender booleans? It looks amazingly fast...

  • @brunopostle fantastic examples! I'd love to re-share them on social media, if you're OK with it? You will of course be credited.

    @yorik it's a Eevee shader node group (I can make one for Cycles too, but haven't yet) - and that's why it only works in material preview / rendered mode, since it has to be rendered. It uses a geometry input node to check against the local Z axis of the section plane object. The Blender operator adds all these nodes to all materials in the file, and programmatically organises the node group to handle default materials and adding / removing section objects. The red you see is not actually a cut plane cap - it's the backface of the inside of the mesh rendered with an Emission shader. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Cycles can do a proper cut plane cap, but I haven't worked it out for Eevee yet.

    An even better native solution would be an OpenGL-based per-pixel approach, but I lack the Blender-hacking knowledge to execute it - it also has the downside that it won't work in rendered mode, but this one does. See here:

  • @Moult sure, all these Homemaker models are free for anyone to use, I should generate some more

  • @Moult Totally correct, voted

  • very cool. Section cuts for specific classes only. This is something not even most ifc viewers out there are capable of :-)

    Is there some bounding box cutting of selected objects possible too. Means if on box is selected a bounding box cut would make 6 sections on each outter face. Same would work if multiple objects are selected.

  • @bernd - I haven't built a bounding box section feature... yet :)

    I'm waiting to see if it is useful - in Revit, it is useful as people go from plan view to section view... in Blender, not so sure yet. Perhaps.

  • On CAD I do not use it very often too. But on IFC viewer I use it all the time to isolate some objects and see the surroundings (make a bounding box cut of an object and move all section planes one meter). Since I started to use BlenderBIM not as authoring tool but as a IFC viewer this would be useful.

    cheers bernd

  • @bernd cool - I just did a release, so I'll be sure to include your suggestion in the next release! I really appreciate all this feedback!

  • Most demo clips on youtube of the BlenderBIM add-on are almost a year old. I think there has been a lot of progress since?

  • Yes. Unfortunately the entire system was rebuilt almost from scratch a year ago, and since then work has been non-stop on many other disciplines. At the end of this year I'd love to spend some time recording some more updated demos. Or perhaps you'd like to help? I know @theoryshaw and @SigmaDimensions has done a great job recording some videos.

  • @Moult said:
    Or perhaps you'd like to help?

    Yes, I would love to, I wonder which subjects are not covered in a demo yet? Before we make multipe demos of the same subject.
    To my knowledge I haven't seen youtube demos (or markdown pages) of the following:

    • IFC CSV
    • CityJSON IFC (or .osm to IFC)
    • Import IFC library assests

    Or in general a demo on how to use Blender in combination with the Blender BIM add-on.

  • I think I've done one for IFC CSV, but it could certainly do with a refresh. All those topics sound great! Be sure to let us know when you create them so that OSArch can help promote them!

  • Many people (including me) are nervously expecting the new 2d workflow, any news on that? I was trying to use measureit arch for svg export instead and saw a note somewhere that the whole view annotations 2d management could be handled by this add-on instead of blenderbim?

  • Pyclone homemaker is another possibility for 2D drawings natively inside Blender.

  • Lets get together and try to source some funding?

  • @Coen I am currently releasing videos around IFC & code, but will also be working on course 2 about BlenderBIM sequencing ( and a wee bit of costing ).

    I was planning to make videos on IFCCSV and IFC Search, so I'll try to make those videos for next week.

    The first course is here, although not sure how useful for you --> ( episode 4 will be out in half a days time)

    Course 1:
    Episode - 01 - Installation of Blender and BlenderBIM
    Episode - 02 - Loading a file and navigation Basics
    Episode - 03 - IFC Spatial Structure and IFC Relationships
    Episode - 04 - IFC Classes, Attributes, Relationships and Class Hierarchy.
    Episode - 05 - Ifc Property Sets and Ifc Quantity Sets
    Episode - 06 - Ifc Material layers
    Episode - 07 - Importing 4D data with IFC4D
    Episode - 08 - Extracting specific data from IFC to .CSV
    Episode - 08 - Bonus Video- Using the IFCCSV Tool module
    Episode - 09 - Creating a DashBoard Application, Part 1
    Episode - 10 - Creating a DashBoard Application, Part 2

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  • @SigmaDimensions this is excellent!

  • Please release them one at a time on Twitter and Linked in so we can push them on our social media. Remember to tag us so I see it.

  • @SigmaDimensions
    Great videos, I think these videos explain it very well. Also for people who never have done anything with IFC.

  • edited December 2021

    @SigmaDimensions said:
    Episode - 03 - IFC Spatial Structure and IFC Relationships

    I follow IFC 101 - E.03 - IFC Spatial Structure & IFC Relationships.
    Used in FreeCAD and all work exactly as demonstrated !

  • BlenderBIM - IFC Search & Color

    A few seconds are badly edited... but I didn't bother as I want to code a much needed feature, a "filter by level" option.

    So , I'll probably make a new tutorial with the latest UI again.

  • Hi @SigmaDimensions
    Thank you for the video, it has really helped.

  • IFC Property Sets with IfcOpenShell

  • IFC Quantity Sets

  • **IFC 4D Python Module **

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