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Hey everyone, in the live chat some of us discussed having a regular meeting, say once a month, where expert users can share their knowledge and learn from others as well. The meeting is by no means exclusive to self proclaimed guru's 😀, so that means everyone's welcome!

I've created a doodle link where we can vote on a time that suits the most people. I've tried accommodating at least Europe and Australia (which is already difficult!), but if none of the times are suitable, please let me know and I´ll add more options.
Here's the link to the doodle:

Meeting link:

SigmaDimensionsCoenJesusbillAcepaulleeGorgiouschunchkJanFMassimoMoultand 2 others.


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    great initiative ✌️ turning this post into an announcement to get more views

  • Are there going to be specific subjects to chat about?

  • @Coen - I was thinking of kicking off the first meeting with demonstration of some of the data manipulation workflows I perform using BB + a demo of IFCCSV. Do you want to also show something :) ?
    @everyone else - Please feel free to comment on what you would like to see and/or volunteer to share some of your expertise

  • @vpajic said:
    @Coen - Do you want to also show something :) ?

    Not yet, still prefer to lurk, maybe in the future

  • I would like to see ifcopenshell command line stuff in action, and specifically extracting data from Ifc. The organisation I work for is trying understand how to use BIM, and I of course am advocating for Ifc and Foss solutions.
    Can we record the session too as this will help our data and asset team understand.
    Really great initiative and thank you

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    BTW, I'm in AotearoaNZ, and our time zone is even more they our Aussie neighbours but I will get out of bed early for this :)

  • @Nigel:

    Can we record the session too as this will help our data and asset team understand.

    Yes, it will be definitely recorded, cheers ✌️

  • Ok - so the most favourable meeting time is the 14th of January, between 9.00-10.00am (CET)! Meeting link will be posted closer to the date. So far the agenda is as follows:

    • Quick meet and greet for first-timers (myself included!)
    • Live-Demo of data manipulation workflows + IFC-CSV (Vukas)
    • (Optional) - Deep dive into the code behind the code behind the aforementioned workflows (vukas)
    • Anyone else interested in sharing wisdom??

    Look forward to meeting some of you funky people.
    Cheers and have a great Christmas/New-Year break!

  • @vpajic please submit this to the events calendar so we can promote it.

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    Published on the events calendar for added exposure!

    All events will be circulated to anyone subscribed to the OSArch mailing list!

    Edit: also, might be a good idea to post a URL to the meeting at the top of this thread.

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    It doesn't seem like I can edit my first post to add the meeting link. @duncan or @Moult could you please add the following link:


  • Could you add Jitsi link to the events calendar entry as well, so that the meeting is only one click away?

  • Hey people, any news about the recording of this session? I came in just in time to see I am too late :D

  • @thunderbolt_132 said:
    Hey people, any news about the recording of this session? I came in just in time to see I am too late :D

    Unfortunately something bugged out and I have only the first 5 minutes of the session. I plan on making a small series of videos that cover what was shown in the meeting, so stay tuned for that.

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    Hi all,
    seeing as the first meeting was successful (minus the techical hiccups) it was agreed that we would vote on the topics for the next session.
    The topics can be voted on by following this link

    If you feel a topic is missing, please let me know and I'll add it to the list. The poll expires on the 26th of January!

    Also, if this regular exchange is going to survive, it needs volunteers that want to share their knowledge :) If that's you please let me know what the topic is and I'll add it to the poll.

  • FYI - Generating 2D Drawings inside of BB was added as a poll option. Thanks @Bedson

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