New OSArch Wiki website online!

I've just set up a new OSArch Wiki!

Apart from the AEC free software directory, I've started placing guides and content related to OpenBIM. If there are any other ArchiCAD/Tekla/etc users, it would be great for you to contribute and add pages relevant to your main tool too!



  • Dion, does it support multiple labels? I think with labels we can categorize different tools/software/platforms

  • It's a wiki. It can do what Wikipedia does :)

  • Then it should have "metadata"

    Please add these two tags:


    1. Strategic Definition
    2. Preparation and Brief
    3. Concept Design
    4. Developed Design
    5. Final Design and Fabrication
    6. Construction (System Assembly, Integration, Test, Launch, ...)
    7. Handover and Close Out
    8. In Use (Operation and Sustainment, and Renovation)
    9. Disposal

    Also, Discipline or Role:

    • Supplier
    • Manufacturer
    • Contractor
    • Subcontractor
    • Architect
    • Structural engineer
    • Cost engineer
    • Client
    • Building owner
    • Building operator
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Electrical engineer
    • Project manager
    • Facilities manager
    • Civil engineer
    • Commissioning engineer
    • Engineer
    • Owner
    • Consultant
    • Construction manager
    • Field construction manager
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