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  • hi @extremeandy , welcome. I'd love to talk more about OpenBIM and libre software in the FM phase! Maybe you could start a fresh discussion in the forum with something specific. At the moment I'm looking into making MVDs for a basic handover for public sector housing projects here in Denmark - but let's keep that in it's own thread. Some of it is here: https://community.osarch.org/discussion/comment/2115
    I guess you've seen these: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=AEC_Free_Software_directory#Facility_Management ? Maybe you could share your thought on them if you've used them.

  • Welcome @extremeandy ! Clean data is extremely important in the FM phase. It would be excellent for us to help contribute to your work and work together to improve it for the entire industry!

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm an architect from Paris, France. I'm working with a fellow architect and we are interested in developing alternative tools for the architectural practice. We just discovered BlenderBIM, which is full of promises! For now we're working with Rhino, and we were starting to look into VisualARQ. We'd love to switch to full opensource with Blender!
    Don't know if we can be of any help, we have some skills in web programming, and Ruby, we're quite new at Python :)
    Sadly we won't be available for the next monthly meeting, but we'll be happy to join on October!
    We're really happy to discover such a community!

  • Hey-
    I have just found this community, I have been a Blender Hobby user for 10+ years- and now run and operate blenderNPR.org
    In my professional life- I am a heavy Autodesk user, mainly Revit. I have used AutoCAD -Fabrication CadMEP for years however. I write C# for addons for Revit when needed, and am well versed in the Revit API. I am also a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker at Local 66 with SMWIA (https://smart-union.org/). I started my career installing mechanical systems. I currently model Plumbing systems in Revit for field fabrication, and am utilizing spools and Trimble to achieve field installation.
    I am very interested in being a subject matter expert or help in some capacity as it pertains to fabrication level modelling and design utilizing BlenderBIM when it is prudent to do so.
    Cheers, good to meet you all!
    Lee P

  • @avnd welcome to the OSArch community! If you are well versed in web programming, perhaps you can help @Jesusbill with his online structural IFC viewer? Alternatively, @aothms is working on IFC-Pipeline, an IFC web viewer, that with some basic frontend knowledge could quite quickly turn it into a very attractive system. You are also free to help develop and/or maintain the OSArch.org website, forum, or wiki, or the BlenderBIM.org website - at the moment I am the only guy doing it and it would be good for other web guys to work with it too :)

    @thejikz Welcome! It sounds like you have exactly the skills to help work on the MEP side of the BlenderBIM Add-on. Is this something that interests you? Please play around and let us know what's broken and (even better) if you can help to fix it :)

  • Hello Everyone,
    My name is Victor, learning python, and blender. If there is anything i can help with more then happy too. Great community, gives me hope on a brighter future! :)

  • Welcome to the OSArch community @svmv! We hope you'll help us change the industry! It's very early days, but we're all working on it!

  • Hi there! It's a bit of an oversight on our end not being joining this community sooner - we've had quite the open source journey so far at Speckle!

    Long story short, our mission is to provide an open source data platform for AEC - that's a big challenge! Speckle is opinionated in what it does, and how it does it - object based, immutable, composable object model(s) instead of "complete" object models, etc. Some of these assumptions have been sliced and diced in a PhD thesis, and I try to keep the research vibe alive in our project (I started Speckle within a H2020 Marie Curie grant) at the same time as delivering a semi-polished OSS product. Quite difficult sometimes :)

    Regardless, Speckle's been OSS from the get-go, and that's how it's going to stay. We're always up to meet new people - contributors or users, and are engaging a lot with our community - mostly on our forum. There's been quite some chatter re our upcoming 2.0 iteration - feel free to join!

    Anyway, happy to have found osarch - I'll go lurk and poke around!

    PS: Repo links for the brave!

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    Welcome @dimitrie ! I've heard many good things about Speckle - it's on the Wiki directory, and I tried it briefly a long time ago. I need to revisit it with the new alpha! Has the Blender client been updated? I do not see a tutorial for it on the "get started" page. If there can be tighter integration with Blender and FreeCAD that would allow it be a very powerful tool in full-stack FOSS. I also wonder if there is a way to integrate with the BlenderBIM Add-on - such as consistent mappings between IFC data, BCF data, SVG drawings, and the Speckle data drops.

  • Hey @Moult! The new alpha is, at the moment, purely code, so not much there to test yet. But finally had time to abstract away a few things to move things more towards having "VCS"-like behaviour.

    The Blender addon is the baby of Tom Svillans, a community contributor (and friend). Sadly for us he's busy with other day jobs, so am unsure as to the full status of the plugin, or the upgrade timeline. Last I checked, it seemed rather solid and was seeing some use! I do know Tom made this video as an intro: (and, wait up, there are some instructions on the repo).

    Re FreeCAD and BlenderBIM we're totally game, but none on our team have any experience with developing for either, let alone voice coherent opinions on possible integrations :( The IFC topic is much wider, but we're defs keen to support it - most likely as a Speckle Kit - in the future. For now we're focusing on quite "pragmatic" interop in our schema development.

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    Greetings OSArch Community! So glad to be here! ???

    I am a BIM Manager for a UK based AJ100 Architectural practice, who were one of the original named signatories of the open www.letters-to-autodesk.com
    (any disgruntled Autodesk customers please check it out if you’re not aware of it)

    I propose to highlight this community to the wider group of signatories if that is acceptable? I would imagine that there may probably already be some overlap in terms of members?

    As architects we are massive advocates of openBIM, so are really excited, interested and keen to get involved where we can to add value!

    Cheers everyone

  • Welcome @James_UK_BIM_Manager ! Please feel free to highlight this community to the wider group of signatories. I certainly understand the sentiment behind the open letters, and I think that is part of what motivates us all to solve the problem by providing a suite of free and open source software that the entire industry can benefit from. I have a sinking feeling that letters to Autodesk get redirected to the public relations / damage control department, not the product department. Just imagine what could happen if a fraction of AEC licensing costs to proprietary software was diverted to sponsoring FOSS AEC development ...

    It's still very early days, and we are a small group of motivated individuals, but we have a wiki, a community forums, and have got many tools built already from model authoring, documentation tools, auditing, clash detection, diff, BCF, IFC, COBie, project management, web viewers, etc and through users testing and providing feedback we are slowly bringing them together into a force to be reckoned with.

  • @James_UK_BIM_Manager said:
    Greetings OSArch Community! So glad to be here! ???

    Welcome. Please have a look on our Open Source software directory and I recommend especial attention on FreeCAD and BlenderBIM addon.

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    Hello everyone, I'm Adrià from Barcelona.

    I am a user of EnergyPlus and Radiance and I develop plugins in SketchUp based on the API of OpenStudio in order to improve our modelling process of energy simulations and daylight analysis for green building certifications (LEED, BREEAM, WELL, VERDE, DGNB...) and energy performance certificates in Spain.

    Due to the future of OpenStudio outside SketchUp I decided to try open source alternatives like Blender or FreeCAD and I want to learn how to extract information from IFC in order to use it in OpenStudio.

    I'm glad to join this community and I hope I can contribute soon.

  • Hi folks!
    I'm Gonzalo from Zurich. I am part of the team working on COMPAS (an open source python framework for AEC), more specifically, I focus quite a bit of my time on the robotic fabrication packages of compas.
    It made me very happy this morning to discover this community exists!!

  • Hi @gonzalocasas looks like you are doing some interesting stuff right there!
    Had come across this project recently but didn't have the chance to look more closely. I hope you will have the opportunity to showcase some of this work in the threads sometime.

  • Welcome @agonzalezesteve ! I think you'd be perfect to help test the upcoming Ladybug and Blender integration and suggest improvements / report bugs!

    Welcome @gonzalocasas ! Your package looks amazing! You should definitely give a talk about it in an upcoming meetup!

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    Hello Guys. I am Chun from Hong Kong. Working as a BIM technician in an architectural firm. also a Python script writer and currently exploring the integration of BIM & IoT.
    I can't express how happy I am when I found out this project because I am currently a prisoner of Revit and the limitations of this software are really annoying which lead me to use some tricks or write some Dynamo script to bypass or workaround the problems. I funded this project and I hope BlenderBIM someday can be adopt by the industry and be a competitor of Revit.

  • Welcome @chunchk ! If you're exploring BIM and IoT, you may be interested in this project: https://github.com/vi-sense/vi-sense

    If you'd like to learn how to apply your Python knowledge to OpenBIM, I might also recommend this article: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=IfcOpenShell_code_examples

    ( more here: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=AEC_Free_Software_directory )

    Please help join us develop and test software for AEC :)

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    Hi All!
    Im an architect from Sweden, working in a large architecture firm. Im so excited with all your work and I keep feeling bad for not learning to code in anyway during my life. I would really like to contribute to awesome stuff like this.
    I have been working a LOT in Revit, want to get out of it, also working in sketchup, Rhino etc.. but started to learn blender this spring and now i just cant stop using it. Especially with Stephens ArchiCad and blenderbim its so powerful that i don’t rly know how my colleagues will ever grasp it all in the nearest future. But Im trying :) .
    Currently i’m hijacking projects and put them in blender instead, just to make people see what free software is capable of and that our big money spent on various softwares that costs a lot, should rather be spent on hiring more architects and also coders that could help with projects like these..
    Anyhow, i will be sticking around a lot. Listening to all of you incredible people, trying to learn. Maybe one day I can also help in some way.


  • Welcome @CGR and join the party!

  • Hola! Mi Nombre es Yoel Reyes, soy un joven arquitecto recién graduado de Republica Dominicana, estoy ansioso de conocer esta tecnología BIM

  • Hi community!
    My full name is Thomas Kumlehn from Germany and I'm a fan of Blender and BuildingSMART.
    I'm an experienced developer in both python and C++ and would like to add interactive AR to BIM projects.
    Either from within Blender or later also from generic openBIM ifc files.

    What version of Blender should I start with?
    I run both macOS 10.15 and Win10

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    Welcome @joelreyesrod ! You will find the Spanish category has been set up :) You can access it here: https://community.osarch.org/categories/español-spanish

    Welcome @pixelpartner ! It would be awesome to have more developers join on board! The BlenderBIM Add-on works for Blender 2.8 and above, and it would make sense to always start with the latest version, 2.9 :) The BlenderBIM Add-on and FreeCAD are both heavy in Python and C++, and the IFC library IfcOpenShell that both projects use are also C++ based with Python bindings. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with, or if you need a tour of the codebase.

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm Victor from Brazil but currently based in Denmark studying architectural engineering. I have a background on structural engineering but also enjoy some coding and geometry problems on my free time. I am aware of open BIM initiatives for a while but just now took the decision to dedicate myself towards it. Hope to learn a lot from you!

  • @victorwanderley where are you studying? Aalborg?

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    @Jesusbill would you like to try and arrange for @gonzalocasas to talk about the COMPAS project? Maybe the wiki can list upcoming and 'sometime soon' keynote topics? https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=Monthly_Meetup
    @gonzalocasas I've added COMPAS to the AEC software directory https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=AEC_Free_Software_directory#CAD_.2F_BIM_Design_Development

  • @duncan I will start a thread on this topic and we can have an "upcoming meetups" section in the wiki for confirmed or plausible presentations

  • Hello! My name is Eliel, I'm an Electrical Engeneer from Brazil. My primary work is to develop electrical projects for office buildings. We use a lot of BIM tecnology (mostly Revit/CAD) to develop our projects. Asside from the electrical projects per se, I also do some developing on add-ons for Revit (mostly python, but also on dynamo) for me and for my colleagues when I get the time.
    As a enthusiast of open source and Linux, I try to make all I can of my work on Linux, and when I can't I use a virtual machine to use the softwares (Revit included) that have no support on Linux. So, I'd love to see the BIM world to become open source.
    I'll read more about the initiative, and try to help if I can.

  • @Eliel ! Welcome to OSArch! I think you may be our first electrical engineer! It would be great to build FOSS software that contains all the features required for electrical :)

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