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  • Hello everybody, i'm Massimo from Italy.
    I'm a civil engineer and now i'm working as a building maintainance manager for a public entity. My main goal is to coordinate workers and suppliers in order to maintain buildings efficent.
    I love also coding with python (very beginner) for hobby and i would like to contribute to the community, if i'm able to.
    So here i am!

  • @duncan yes, i knew that. Unfortunatly my organization is using another facility management software. Btw i tried it by myself and It looks likes very powerful and customizable, expecially in version 2.0.
    I wish i could use it at work in the future.

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm Walmir, a civil engineer in Brazil.
    A good couple of years in large public works projects, mainly dealing with budgets, costs, quantity surveys and management of subcontractors.
    I learned a little bit of Python, I met FreeCAD, BlenderBIm and now I'm here.
    I hope to contribute with the little I know.
    Thanks @Moult for the beautiful work.

  • hi @walpa nice to have you here. Don't forget the Spanish language forum. What sort of thing would you like to help with? I think it's a good start following us on social media and pushing our posts - that's a good way for more more people to hear about us and learn from us!

  • @duncan thanks, I would like to contribute with a discussion about 4D/5D and maybe code.

  • Welcome @Massimo ! We definitely need more FM guys!

    Welcome @walpa ! 4D/5D has been on the todo list for a long time! Hopefully it will finally come to fruition!

  • @Moult said:
    @iosvarms IFC does indeed support BOQ data. It supports IfcCostSchedule and IfcCostItem. See diagram below.

    However, I don't know anybody who has implemented it.

    We can be the first. Go go go!

    @Moult , @duncan, @iosvarms Do you know if someone is working on it?

  • @walpa a little off-topic, but I am not aware of anybody working on it. Maybe that someone could be you! :D

  • @Moult you remember better than I do - who are our people with knowledge about costing? @walpa would you like to start a new thread here on the forum about costing? maybe "What's up with project costing with open standards?" or something like that. Then we an collect interested people there.

  • @duncan it's @iosvarms :) I feel guilty because he spent a lot of time explaining costing to me and I never got around to building anything for it... I hope he still has the video recording because I don't know where it put it!

  • Hello! My name is Filipe Brandão. I'm an architect, researcher and developer, interested in the topics of Building Renovation, Digital Fabrication, Computational Design and Computational Geometry. I'm a PhD candidate at ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon and architect at PARQUR in Porto, Portugal. I mostly work with Rhino/Grasshopper, to which I have contributed with a free plugin (RoomSurveyor). I've also been experimenting with Speckle (which brought me here) to integrate design workflows across multiple stakeholders.

  • Welcome @filipejsbrandao maybe you'd like to contruibute to this discussion to do with renovation

  • Welcome @filipejsbrandao ! If you're familiar with Grasshopper, you may be interested in checking out Sverchok, the equivalent in Blender! There is also a preliminary integration with Ladybug and IFC in the works! By using and testing and providing feedback, it could progress further.

  • Thanks @Moult! I'll check it out!

  • Hi! I'm Anton Tetov, architect/coder/researcher currently at Lund University, Sweden. I'm mostly interested in digital fabrication and robotics, and I've worked a lot with clay construction. I've studied at MAS DFAB ETH Zürich and worked for Gramazio Kohler Researcher there, where I met @gonzalocasas and started to contribute to compas and compas_fab.
    Happy to find other open source enthusiasts in the AEC context :).

  • hi @tetov , welcome. Sounds like you might be hanging around for a while - please think about adding yourself to our supporters page. https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=OSArch_Supporters
    ... that's also an invitation for anyone else.

  • hello, I'm Davide Vescovini, electrical engineer and I developer of CharonIFC. I have alwasy been interested in Open Source technologies since I started using Ubuntu Dapper Drake. I believe the future of IT technology and AEC industriy will be based on a combination of OS software components and open international stanfards like IFC to share data.

  • Welcome @dav80 ! I'm excited to see how CharonIFC can inform the future of open source solutions for costing!

  • Hi, I work as a machine operator. Owns my own excavator with integrated machine guidance system. A year ago I became interested in being able to create my own documentation for machine control so I walked away and bought my first "real " computer. Before that, I had only used the computer for some accounting and banking. That's why everything I do with the computer is pretty much the first time. All words, terms, EVERYTHING that has to do with computers, I must first find out what it means. Have once taken a computer course at school in 1988 I think it was, as far as I remember it was mostly about DOS and floppy disks.
    Having said that, you will understand that I cannot contribute much so far.
    But anyway, I have managed to learn what I need to be able to produce really good terrain models for machine control and also learned how to design most things with 3D solids.
    Along the way, I have also become completely obsessed with BIM and IFC. I have no great need to be able to sculpt or mass produce, however, I want to be able to design everything that has to do with my own job that includes infrastructure, ground work, drainage systems in soil and then also with really really good BIM handling. I want to design everything from soil layer and equipment in an outdoor environment to pipes and fittings in the IFC system. So far, I'm actually happy with the designs themselves. I think I get most of it in a pretty good way. Everything except ifc management. After months of spending many long nights and weekends rummaging around Buildingsmart and watching countless tutorials from all sorts of software, I have finally found BlenderBim.
    The floodgates have been opened. After downloading Freecad and Blender, it feels like a whole new word has opened up. BlenderBim is exactly what I fantasized about!
    So now I just hope that somehow I can find the time and energy to learn how to use the programs and become a contributing user. Given my motley story, I will probably be a frequent visitor to forums and support pages. Already take the opportunity to excuse me for the stupid questions of the coming.......
    Benny Johansson.

    brunopostletetovJesusbillMoultMassimoCyrilkrandestephen_lduncanJohnand 2 others.
  • Fantastic story @Benny ! I am sure you can contribute in many ways, coding is not the only one.
    I have the impression that you are the first member in your "category" - machine owner/operator and the likes, so your feedback in some specific aspects related to your wok could be very valuable towards building a holistic tool for all the actors related. Welcome!!

  • Inspiring story @Benny ! As @Jesusbill says I believe you are the first involved in that field to join OSArch! I look forward to seeing how we can help build tools to help you!

  • @Benny
    Having used an excavator (1.2t) for a whole summer to improve foundations (a childhood dream), I didn't know it was possible to automate excavators to this extent, which would have certainly saved a few roofing corners. Anyway, welcome !

  • Hi All! I am a power utility project engineer (AutoCAD use) and moonlight as an Architectural drafter (Revit/Sketchup/AutoCAD) I am strictly a user, as dabbling in coding has left me pretty frustrated haha, props to you coders! Excited to join this group, and get my hands on some of the software.

  • Hi all, been lurking for a bit but I'm Maryanne. I'm a structural engineer and software developer, and recently left my job as mainly a structural engineer to work on freelance software development full time. Some of my current clients are small engineering/architecture groups, so I'd like to help them build their workflows entirely in FOSS. I'm also working on a few projects related to form finding/structural analysis with a Blender front end and some data visualization related to US infrastructure. I have a lot of experience in Python (including Cython for performance optimization), C#/.NET, React/JS and am currently learning Haskell.

  • Welcome to OSArch @Daniel_odlg and @mclare !

    @mclare I think you'd do great working with @Jesusbill who is a structural engineer and building support for IFC structural authoring. Perhaps connect and do a catchup on what has been built so far? He is connecting it to Code_Aster for analysis. Also consider connecting with @krande who built adapy which looks absolutely awesome!

  • Every year i always search on browser - how to make construction drawing in blender . . . . now im stop do that . . . : ) - start to learn new thing.

  • welcome @pujiadi . I don't think you can stop searching for the answers yet. There is still a lot of work to do to make construction drawings work well in blender. But now you are in the right place. Have a look at the other BlenderBIM threads in the forum https://community.osarch.org/discussions/tagged/blenderbim-add-on

  • @mclare and @pujiadi welcome to OSArch.
    @mclare: very nice to read your post and best of success in your endeavor as a freelance, it takes courage :)
    The main tool for structural analysis we are working on integrating with Blender is Code_Aster, although with the work of @krande other FOSS tools can be integrated as well, like CalculiX. I have just posted a presentation prepared a few days ago regarding an openBIM structural pipeline. If you have any questions of any kind please let me know.

    Form-finding sounds very interesting, I would love at some point to see some of your work!

  • Hi all,
    I'm a young architect from Italy, Milan. The hate for Autodesk and their commercial methods brought me here. I'm not a programmer but I spent last 8 years on big construction sites as architect and designer. Glad to help in anyway I'm able to.

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